Saturday, February 23, 2013

RV There Yet?

We are not there.
we are on our way!

So, when I left you we were stranded 
at the campground in Gaffney, SC.

The Gaffney Peach

Also known as 
"The Moon Over Gaffney"
Butt, why do you suppose some folks call it that?!

The part we were awaiting arrived early in the morning.
Overnight delivery is amazing!
We had a technician there before lunch.
He installed the new part,
with Mr. Dreamy chomping at the bit
quickly tested it...
we were on our way.

We stopped at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, GA. 
We found this gem on our way to Gaffney,
so we were delighted to visit again.
It is a great place to camp,
and is listed on my 
Mr. Dreamy backed the RV into our site,
and pushed the button for the stabilizer jacks.
The jacks did not want to respond correctly.
The slide outs did not want to go out.
We camped in cramped style. 
Thank Heaven for the Internet.
I found an RV service center 10 miles from our location.
We called at 7:30 in the morning.
They had no problem seeing us, 
so we made our way to the
They took our motorhome in as soon as we arrived.

Tucker and Gypsy wait patiently(?) for their 
home on wheels to be repaired.

Two hours later we were on our way.
All systems...

So, we are not there, yet,
But, we are on our way!

And, the Apalachee RV Center
needs to be commended for their fabulous technicians,
responsive managers and wonderful personnel.
Thank you for getting us back on the road!

(Oh, and Tucker and Gypsy say, "Woof, woof"...
that is, thanks, for all of the treats,
and, uh, we apologize about the dog hair on your carpet!)


  1. Seems like you are having technical difficulties quite regularly..I hope it is all straightened out now:)

  2. Sure hope that you miss all the bad weather (rain and/or snow) on your trip home. If not, you will be wishing you were once again "stuck" in the South!


  3. Amazing how quickly things can get done sometimes. Glad you got everything back together and functional in relatively short order.

    I meant to ask you, did you wave at us when you went by? *laugh* You passed right by our neck of the woods sistafriend ;o)

  4. Now you can start singing "On the road again"!

  5. May you have smooth sailing for the rest of your trip!

  6. How great that service is so easily available. Hope you have a great rest of your trip with no more service calls needed.

  7. Take your time - it's ccccold here!

  8. Your "Moon Over Gaffney" cracked me up! So sorry that you're having mechanical issues. Loved the photo of the patient Tucker and Gypsy. Terry's right ~ enjoy that southern warmth while you can!


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