Friday, February 22, 2013

ABC's and 123's

Have you heard the term, "jockey lot" before? It is a new one for me. From my not so exhaustive research I have learned that it is another term for a flea market. Ostensibly it comes from the day when horse traders, often referred to as jockeys, would bring their horses to town to sell them. Evidently region dictates whether you call this sort of thing a flea market, a swap meet or a jockey lot.

What do you call it?


Avon products; old and new
Boxes of cheap junk from China
Chinese crested puppies playing with a chihuahua
Elvis everything
Glass lamp shades painted with flowers
Handmade soap
John Deere hats, shirts and salt shakers
Knock-offs: Coach, Crocs and Calvin Klein (to name a few)
Leather jackets, wallets, and purses that are supposedly leather
Machines and tools
Oils and heated scent dispensers
Quacking ducks and honking geese
Rats (yes...real rats for sale) and rabbits, too
Sugar Flyers - cute marsupials that may or may not make good pets
TV's and old Toshiba laptops
Ugly things and used things
VCR tapes
Watkins natural products
X-rated calendars from 2012... but someone might like the pictures!
Yard sale items
Zebra print fleece throws


1: The number one most visited attraction in the state of SC
2: The number of days the jockey lot is open each week
3: The number of  hours Mr. Dreamy & I spent at the jockey lot
10: The cost to rent a table for one day
12: The cost to rent an inside space for one day
24: The total amount we spent
29: The highway the lot is on
65: The number of acres covered by the jockey lot
156: The cost to rent a space for 13 weeks
1500: The number of vendors
1974: The year the jockey lot began
2150: The number of available spaces
30,000 - 60,000 average number of daily visitors
2,300,000: The number of visitors reported in 2006


  1. Never heard of jockey lot. We have flea markets around here. I don't have the patience to sort through all the stuff they have there, though.

  2. I've lived in SC for 40+ years and have NEVER heard of this "attraction" in Anderson. I'm not sure that the claim to be SC's #1 Tourist Attraction is correct. IMHO, Myrtle Beach could probably challenge the claim successfully. How in the world do you find all these "interesting" places to visit?


  3. Very creative post! We call them flea markets here, mostly. However, there used to be one around here that was called "The Jockey Lot" I just figured they came up with the name...didn't know there were others around. You have to be in the right mood to visit those places, but sometimes you find treasures!

  4. Flea them..and we could spend all day there 65 acres wow:)

  5. Flea Markets in Arkansas. If I saw Jockey Lot, I would think they were selling horses.

  6. Ah yes...I've been to the jockey Lot. My neighbors make the hour long drive almost every weekend...just for something to do. Fun, Fun, and lots of goodies to be found! =)


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