Saturday, February 16, 2013

Say It Isn't So

Say it isn't so snow....

We are in South Carolina.
It is supposed to be sunny in South Carolina.
It is supposed to be warm in South Carolina.
This is the south....
NOT Colorado!


  1. There is a huge difference between western SC & the coast of SC --- religion, politics, weather, etc.


  2. Awww...that's just a dusting! :) It'll melt quick.

  3. Looks just like our yard here in Ohio right now!

  4. It's snowing here too. Such crazy weather for the Carolina's. We are in deep tapioca.

  5. Oh wow! That IS a rare thing indeed! We lived in Rock Hill, SC for 7 years when my hubby worked at the Charlotte, NC airport, just across the border.
    We rarely ever had snow, but we did have terrible ice storms!
    We've had a very dry winter here in New Mexico. I'm not complaining, but we do need the moisture. Hopefully we'll get lots of Spring rains :)


  6. 53 degrees at the ranch today, warmer in town!

  7. How how lovely it is though - MOISTURE! ;)

  8. Driving a truck, Bill is amazed at the weather patterns he goes through. Crazy, extreme weather.

  9. Ah ha. So, even travelers in RVs can't escape the snow. We forgot to tell our renters to keep the washing machine covered with a blanket in the winter months and we ended up having to pay for new water lines since they froze.

  10. I'd say come just a bit farther south but... well, there isn't any SNOW here but holy CRAP! Temps in the low 20's and we're freezing!!!

  11. As you can see, Dreaming, I'm catching up! Loved your photos ~ the light is gorgeous! Maybe you should hightail it back to warm Colorado! Although the weatherman is talking snow!


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