Monday, February 18, 2013

Weigh In

Don't step on it.... 
It makes you cry.

That's exactly how I feel.
I have always had issues with my weight and
I don't particularly care for stepping on the scale.

However, weighing the motorhome made me feel much better!
The Sunshine Dog Food factory in Red Bay, Alabama
allows motorhomes to use their scales after hours,
so we took a little side trip while we were having service performed.
This is the weight, in pounds, of just the left side of the motor home!
That readout says 17,640!
I feel like such a lightweight!

We weighed different points of the RV.
Here are the results:

Front end: 9,900 pounds
Back end: 17,640 pounds
Left front: 4,900 pounds
Left rear: 8,820 pounds
Left side: 13,460 pounds

Entire coach: 27,440 pounds

Why, you might ask?
It is important to have a motorhome balanced for smoother travel down the road. If you have too much weight on one side, your vehicle will not handle well. Tire inflation specifications are also based on the weight of the vehicle. We have suspected that some of our handling issues are due to improper inflation. We will make adjustments, now that we know the weight, and see if there is a difference in how we sashay down the highway.


  1. I don't like stepping on the scales either! Especially since I'm working hard on getting in shape, and it takes forever to see that needle budge. I am learning the coolest things about motorhomes. Happy, safe sashaying!

  2. Hope you can improve the handling/driving of your RV. IMHO, scales are intended for "things" NOT "people"!


  3. Oh my, I can relate to the whole weight dilemma. And like your motorhome, I suspect my back end weighs more than my front end. But that's ok. I don't sashay much. With your new weight stats, I hope y'all sashay and do si do safely in that heavy vehicle. How many mpg does that big boy get? Or is a motorhome of the female gender like a car? Has it a nickname? Safe travels!


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