Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch: Valentines

Good day to all of you! It is time to join Patrice and many cyber friends for a chat on Patrice's porch. Today my "porch" overlooks a beautiful meadow surrounded by trees, in Piedmont, SC. The meadow begs to have a split rail fence around it with some horses or donkeys in it! Speaking of horses, Wendell would like to have some valentines. Here is one that Doc 'gave me' years ago. Now, some of you might find this offensive, but I think there is nothing nicer than the big, bountiful butt of a beautiful horse! I'll pass it on to Wendell with lots of love and kisses!

Happy Valentine's Day

You can join the chat, too. You can respond to the questions on your own blog, and link to Everyday Rurality, or you can respond to some or all of the questions in a comment. 

Patrice asks:
  1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?
  2. When you attend something that isn't totally casual, are you likely to wear dress pants or a dress?
  3. Do you use a regular toothbrush or one of the battery run kind?
  4. Did you have valentines in school when you were a child?
  5. If you could learn a new craft tomorrow, what would it be?

Here are my responses:

1. Do you think having the chassis of our motorhome serviced counts as something 'special'? We will be "homeless" for the day and have to entertain the dogs and ourselves. Maybe, if the weather is nice, we can find a dog park so Tucker and Gypsy can play. I do love the motorhome - so I guess maybe it is a nice thing to do on Valentine's Day!

2. I am more likely to wear pants, but I have been dying to share pictures of this crazy dress I found at the Jockey Store Outlet.... for all of $6.99.
The dress came with 4 black straps with snaps that can be used to gather the sleeves together. It also has a long black scarf that can be criss crossed over the top, worn as a shrug, a belt or draped over the shoulders. The length can be adjusted with snaps, too. I bought the dress, which came with an instruction sheet showing 12 different ways to wear the dress, but have never worn it. I must confess, it doesn't look nearly as nice on me as it does on the model in the picture!

3. My dentist recommended that I use an Ultrasonic Toothbrush. I alternate between using that and a handheld, old fashioned model.

4. One of my fond memories of elementary school was making Valentine boxes for the Valentine Day Party. I think I enjoyed the process and anticipation far more than actually getting valentines.

5. I would love to learn how to paint - either with acrylics or water color. Some day I just may take some lessons.


  1. 1. I have no special Valentine's Day plans. My husband is working at his mom restaurant, so he will be there and they will be packed. This holiday is not a big deal to us anyway.

    2. Pants. Always pants, unless I am in a wedding. I an not a fan of dresses.

    3. I use a battery powered toothbrush, but not one of those super expensive ones.

    4. I loved making the boxes and bags in school for Valentines, too! I am actually passing out some at work this year :)

    5. A new craft. . .I don't even know where to begin, I want to learn them all!

  2. I would consider it a great blessing to have a butt like that around here again. My heart still aches for my horses although I know they are doing much good.

    #1...nothing special planned
    #2...I have no social life so the outfit doesn't matter.
    #3...regular, I have tried the battery and never remember to get batteries.
    #4...Valentine's Day was a big event in my school days. Not so much now.
    #5...If I were to learn a new craft tomorrow it would be horse back riding. I miss my babies and never made my dream come true of becoming a true blue cowgirl.

  3. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day? Nope..maybe lunch out and then for a drive.
    When you attend something that isn't totally casual, are you likely to wear dress pants or a dress?
    Pants..I don't own a dress. I do have one tunic that I can wear with leggings that looks like a dress.
    Do you use a regular toothbrush or one of the battery run kind? Both..and I use them both.
    Did you have valentines in school when you were a child? It was one of my favorite days of the year!! Making the container and then marching from desk to desk dropping the little cards in!
    If you could learn a new craft tomorrow, what would it be? I would like to learn how to use a drop spindle:)

  4. Hi Dreaming!
    1. I'm hoping Terry takes me to dinner at our favorite local place, Parkway Bar and Grill. Probably when he comes home and finds nothing ready for dinner he'll get the hint! We exchange mushy cards!

    2. Dress pants. I'm still recovering from the trauma of wearing Mom's pink, sequined evening gown backwards in a 6th grade talent show singing solo.

    3. Regular brush ~ floss like crazy!

    4. I'm sad that I won't be giving and getting piles of valentines this year. I just retired. Valentine's Day is huge for third graders.

    5. I want to learn to quilt!

    Happy travels!

  5. By the way ~ love your valentine picture!

  6. front porch hopping - told another friend in this hop you should check out Bob Ross on youtube. he was a great painter ... very easy to follow & went through many details. i found myself watching him many times throughout my childhood. so loved his hair. ha. ha!! have a great week. ( :

  7. Wendell likes his Valentine Tale(tail). He had his tail cut off once when it was so full of burrs that it couldn't be salvaged. Therefore, he has a healthy respect for a great tail.

    I like that cute and very clever dress!
    Happy Valentine's Day!


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