Monday, February 11, 2013

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Imagine an early morning,  snuggled under the down comforter in your bed. Your sweet slumber dreams disintegrate into nightmares of monsters roaring, and bearing down on you. You awake with a start, and realize there are no monsters, just a few dozen large motorhomes on the move on every side of your motorhome,  heading for service appointments in Red Bay, AL....

The Allegro Campground and Service Center was built around an old airport. While waiting for service,  owners "camp" along the runway. There are full hook-ups for power, water and sewer. But, no picnic tables or other amenities.

The Service Center has 49 bays. When 6:30 AM rolls around, one engine after another roars to life. The motorhomes are on the move by 6:45. It is busy and noisy!

The motorhomes line up at the appointed service bay and wait for the door to open.

The service building is huge. Each bay can hold a motorhome up to 45 feet in length. The center "road"  allows for the transport and distribution of parts and materials. There are motorhomes on both sides of the central highway. There is a lovely waiting area, and dogs are welcome. Tucker and Gypsy settled into the routine without a fuss, although Gypsy was at first intimidated by the huge service area and was a bit hesitant about walking on the slick surface of the "road". It took a bit of encouragement, but she soon became a champ at it. Or rather, I suppose, managed to slink warily along the highway!

Our service was performed faster than we had anticipated. We had a punch list of items we thought should be checked out. We pulled into the service bay at 1:00 PM the first day, then returned the next morning. The following day we had work completed just outside a service bay and a TV technician visited us at our "camp site" one afternoon. We were on our way out of town before we knew it. Thank you to all of the folks at Red Bay who made our trip memorable for the right reasons!

On with our adventures!


  1. Looks like an interesting place and how great they have what you need even if you have to wake up a bit unsettled.

  2. Sounds like they take good care of their customers:)

  3. Wow! Talk about life lived large! This is a whole world I don't know.


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