Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine for my Blog Friends

 Happy Valentine's Day to All of My Blog Friends! 

Haffie butts are the cutest...and they are somewhat heart shaped!

I love blogging. I love meeting people from all over the world without having to make travel arrangements or even pack a suitcase. It is so much fun to visit their homes, see their treasures, learn about their families and get to know them. Thanks for letting me see your world. My life has been enriched by knowing you in this way.

I'd also like to welcome some of my newest followers and friends!
  • Kelsie, writer of Our Country Home. Kelsie posts beautiful pictures and she is a gardener, like me!
  • Kritter Keeper writes Farm Tails. She loves animals - all sorts. KK has beautiful photos of deer who she has befriended...and they even know their names. I love her Golden Retriever!
  • One of my new friends lives in Australia and she is very creative - I want to visit Australia some day. It has been one of those haunting dreams. She writes at The Clip Cafe and sells items on her site at Madeit
  • Amy at Verde Farm started Farm Friend Friday. Amy used Linky Tools to connect bloggers with an interest in farming. It is great fun to jump from blog to blog and read about everyone's animals.
  • Louise at Living Retired in Western New York State. I love this blog for many reasons. First, Louise and I are both retired. Second, she posts pictures looking out into her yard - so I can always see what the weather is like in her neck of the woods. And finally, I used to live in the vicinity, so I feel a connection from that.
  • Caz is a follower. But, I can't seem to link back to Caz or her blog, so I can't tell you much about her at this time.

Thank you all for following my blog. I appreciate your comments. I really enjoy being connected to folks 'out there'!

Hay, Doc, will you be my Valentine?

Do I have to do anything special to
be a Valentine?

Well, people often give chocolates in 
heart shaped boxes to their Valentines.

Food again? Eh? I shoulda figured
there would be a connection!

Happy Valentine's Day from Pippin and Doc! 


    1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Dreaming! I'm really enjoying your blog, also.

      Never noticed that a Halfie butt resembled a heart, but, you're right, it does. Your two are cute as buttons, and, it seems, clever with words, also.

    2. I so agree with all you say here. We really area traveling all around the world and it is so much FUN! Happy Valentine to you too.--Inger

    3. OhMyGosh that is the CUTEST heart shaped butt!!!!

      Happy Valentine's to you all too Dreaming!!

    4. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I enjoy following your blog, I love the captions for that last picture! I too enjoy browsing blogs, meeting new people and seeing what they have to say.

      Talented K9

    5. You are so sweet-thank you for the wonderful, warm welcome. I was just catching up on some blogs I’ve missed lately due to work and glad I did-you brightened my day :)

    6. that is the cutest butt, you're right.

      i love the way haflingers' color changes from dark to light from their backs to their bellies. what other horses do this? (none?)

      i live in haflinger land and enjoy watching them so much. i've only ridden one and it was just 3. i'd love to lease a mature haflinger.

      in our horse catalogs there is a haflinger section with the little white flower that is the breed symbol. do your haflingers have the brand with this flower?

      i'm tempted to buy a pretty haflinger halter for my arab but there is no way it would fit: (

      if you'd like to see the items, here is the online catalog:


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