Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Mane - with Pippin's Rebuttal

Yuck! I think I'm going to have to take the boys to a car wash to get them clean! Our weather has been so cold I haven't been able to wash them, and their manes and tails are getting more and more disgusting. The stable across the street from our new house has a heated wash stall. I suppose they might notice if a strange Haflinger or two came by for a spa visit!

Just look at this mess....shudder!

Here is a shot from summer...before I gave Pippin a bath. 
And I thought he was filthy then!

Here is the 'After' shot, before he was totally dry.
He glows!

Our time in the sun will come. I will just have to be patient. 
I bet the boys couldn't care two licks about whether their manes or tails are clean.
All they care about is their next meal...and please, have it there on time!

Pippin's ReBUTTal

Hey, there, lady. That's me you're talking about. And, you are right. I don't give a fly's buzz about the color of my mane. In fact, if you were a bit more perceptive (mighty big word for a Haffie, huh?) you'd notice that in the 'clean' picture I'm hanging my head in shame! Oh, the humiliation! First you wash me and then you have the nerve to post it on the blog where EVERYONE can see.
And yeah, I do love my food, but I have to keep this marvelous hunk of horse body in top form, right? You do agree with me...right? Got it? I will keep staring at you until you acknowledge that I am correct!!!


  1. Hi there Dreaming!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I think those horses are beautiful, dirty or not. We've had horrible mud here in Indiana (I'm not sure where you live, doesn't look like my area!) and my two dogs need a bath bad. And I certainly understand construction. We bought a 1940's house, planned on living here forever, added on, reconstructed, etc., then bought some land and now we are building....and I got stuck in the mud on Friday!

    Cindy Bee

  2. I had to send you another comment in case you don't go back and read the reply on my house blog. You are the first person to 'get it' about our house. Or at least the first person to comment on it. YES what we did was try to make a new house look like it has been added on to over the years. You are VERY perceptive! Thank you for posting on my blog.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Pippin, Camryn understands (ecspecially the food thing) she thinks you'd be quite the catch no matter the color of your mane!!!

  4. No matter how clean or dirty, the boys are incredibly handsome. (But, yes, wow! What a difference between right now and "then". :D)

    Must be nice to have a heated wash stall... geez. :)

  5. OH, to have it warm enough for a bath....

  6. Ours could use a good hosing too (of course they are perfectly content to stay four-legged dirtballs until then ;o)

  7. I think horses get dirty because they know we like to groom them. :-) Your horses are gorgeous.

  8. Pippin, you are very handsome, dirty or clean. Oh, the first bath of spring. All that yuck and loose hair washing out and the nice shiny horse you have ----- for five minutes, until he decides to roll and get himself presentable to his fellow horses again.


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