Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doc in the Box

Mrs. Owner says get in the box.
No, no, no, I won't, says Doc.
Doc will not go in the box
He put his brakes on, they are locked.

Then, says Mrs. Owner, go round and round.
Move your feet Doc, cover some ground.

I won't, I will not, go in the box.
I refuse. I won't go in, says Doc.
I will lean back, pull back on my hocks
I will not, I won't, go in the box.

Then, says Mrs. Owner, you'll go around some more.
Round and round, and then in the door.

OK. OK. I'll step up high.
I'll get in the box. I'll give it a try.
Mrs. Owner says I am a great guy.
OK, can we go home now, I sigh.


  1. Very cute - looks like it worked! (Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book!)

  2. Hah!!! Rosie and Bonnie need these lessons !!! Good for you Doc!

  3. Loved it. Very a la Dr. Seus... loved it! Rock on, Doc! :D

  4. What a wonderful Od' to Dr Seuss for the 50th Anni....Doc is a very pretty boy if somewhat stubborn lol...Congrates at working him into the box, certainly an exercise in patience.

    Blessings Kelsie

  5. Yeah, I wondered why I was reading with my mouth hanging open and a smile. I felt like I was reading a child's storybook, and it was quite fascinating. Is Doc going to go in the box or not? Little words with rhyme and a big, big horse. See if Doc likes being served green eggs and ham when he's in that box.

  6. Hah, Doc, maybe the next time you'll go in the box a little more easily. That was a very creative entry, and I laughed all the way through it. Doc sounds like quite the character.

  7. lol- what a ham!Sometimes they all need a little convincing don't they?

  8. I love how you wrote that! I've seen people use that technique and it seems to work wonderfully. Another one I've seen is backing up, then moving forward, backing up and forward. I wish I would have known about these methods when I still had horses! We had a horse that would take hours to get in the trailer!

    Searching for A Dog

  9. Thanks for all of the positive comments. I enjoyed writing the post. I do need to thank two of my friends - one who gave me the witty title, and thus the idea and the other who took the pictures. The pictures were supposed to be of Doc getting in the trailer, as I had been bragging about how good he had become about loading. But...horses being horses, he decided to change his mind! The circle routine works for him (and yes, Amy, I wish I had known about it years ago). It's gotten where you can almost see him think it through and after just a few circles he is resigned to loading.

  10. LOVED IT!!! Hooray for Dr. Seuss.

    Mitch is awesome about trailer loading (I'd better be careful not to brag, but he's really good) He's tried to load in closed trailers before. He just likes cruisin'

  11. This really made me smile. Trailer loading can be frustrating sometimes, but you made it kind of fun. :)


  12. Absolutely precious! Sometimes it's necessary to think inside the box after all.

  13. Love it!! I haven’t seen one yet that wants to get in the box :) LOL

  14. Thanks for dropping by my blog today. I am your newest follower. I'd like it if you could join the Wednesday Words of Weight Loss and put it on your post so others might join in. Losing weight can be lonely! Did you see my Haffy X, Wendell, when you visited my blog? His dad was a Hafflinger and his mom was a Belgian.
    Have a great weekend!

    BTW- I apologize if you got more than one comment from me just now. My commenter wasn't acting right.

  15. What a good boy Doc is!Very cute!

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. Very creative post... I too immediately thought of Dr. Seuss when i read it! Come on back to visit Lancaster County any time! :)

  17. I have a Haflinger. I love the breed.

  18. hi there, i just found you thru farm friend friday! i am so glad your doc finally got in. your trailer is inviting with lots of light so that is always a help. i know a horse that refused to get in after the girl's boyfriend drove like a mad man. it took a quite awhile to convince the horse to get back in a trailer. i am sure doc was just having a bit of fun. :) have a great weekend! jill


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