Sunday, February 6, 2011

Through the Windshield

Yesterday was supposed to be sunny and clear. Oops! Goofed again Mr. Weatherman! This is the third day in a row that the road between the project house and our house has looked kinda like this. And if you look at the prediction for the coming week, there are snowflake icons on the calendar until Wednesday. Although this means I won't be riding, it does mean that the pastures, trees and gardens will get some much needed moisture. I can't complain!

 White-backed buffalo. They don't seem to mind the snow at all!

Flocked trees

 Birds hunkering down against the wind and snow.

We have more snow falling today. Great! I can go blog-hopping...oh......yeah, 

I do have a bit of laundry to do......

Oh, and yes, the mail has been piling up....

Uh, dog hair....?


Oh well, I guess I need to get to work!


  1. Have a Happy Sunday. I hope you manage to get more work done than I have. I did get the shoveling done, but, so far, all I have done is look at all the rest and say "I really should get busy."

  2. Oh my goodness--the buffalo photo is just awesome-they all are but I never see buffalo in herds like this where I live and I would love it. Gorgeous shots of the birdies hunkering down too. I know what you mean about the dog hair--ours is always worse in the winter during snow-my dogs don’t even want to go out to potty--but I make them :) LOL
    Stay warm,

  3. How great to drive by buffalo herds and I love the snow. You live in a beautiful place. I'm working on sorting laundry right now. That's all I can do with it today since the washing machine is buried in the shed. Oh, well, at least I'm doing something.--Inger

  4. It's a good day to get the inside chores done. Also a good day to curl up in a blanket and watch a DVD. :-) Enjoy your day. Stay warm.

  5. The picture of the buffalo in the snow is an amazing shot.

    Hope you got the work done you wanted. Me, I ingoring the work and visiting blogs. LOL

  6. Well, I haven't gotten any work done...but I've enjoyed visiting blogs! It's just that kinda day!
    The buffalo herd is pastured fairly close to the road we take to the project house. I took that shot from the window of the truck as we drove by. I was amazed that it came out OK as I had to zoom in to get them and not my husband, the steering wheel, the mirror, etc.
    Well, back to procrastinating!


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