Monday, February 7, 2011

The Project - Week 3: Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

 This week was not as productive as I would have liked. We got hung up getting the kitchen and bath cabinets ordered before the deadline....

There are so many choices, and every choice has so many options...
Do I want to store wine bottles and hang wine glasses?
Or would I rather have a plate rack and a cute shelf?
Do I want glass doors...or do I want to hide my junk?

We wanted bath and kitchen cabinets. The sale was going to end.
We had to pick cabinets...NOW!
This is pretty...Honey, what do you think?
Hmm, my hair is a bit of a mess.
Did I remember to brush it this morning?

Do I want roll-outs or drawers?
Do I want light wood? Or dark?
Cherry? Or Maple?
How does one decide?

I can't stand it any more.
I'm going to shut my eyes,
you spin me around and
I'll just point to one!

After a lot of time picking cabinets and planning and measuring and placing them in the diagram it was finally time to pay for them. Eeeek! So, we swipe the magic card and spend the plastic money that we won't be accountable for until later. We look at the receipt. The 'Buy More, Save More' discount is WRONG!
Do you know that it takes less than 30 seconds to spend a chunk of change on cabinets and it takes over an hour, with the help of 2 clerks, 
the kitchen design specialist, 
the installation specialist, 
the sales manager, 
the IT department 
and at least two guys at 'corporate'
to back that sale out of the system???!!!! 

We actually had to go back the next day to spend just under $150 to buy one more goo-gaw to bring the total up to the next price bracket to get an additional $400 in savings. I'm not sure who was happier when the sale was final and we walked out the door: my husband, the kitchen design specialist, the store manager or me!

Other accomplishments included:

  • Continued demo in the Master Bath. It is now stripped of almost all wall tiles. We'll get to the floor next week - we hope! Oh, and yeah, we'll have to patch or replace some of the sheetrock - getting the tile off made a huge mess of the walls. The mirror is gonna come off too - probably in tons of little pieces.
  • The refrigerator, washer and dryer that we bought around Thanksgiving were delivered. They currently reside in our bedroom.
  • We tore out the knee wall in the kitchen. It turns out that the original blueprints that we used for planning the kitchen cabinet layout did not match the way the kitchen had originally been built.  No problem we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability....
  • The plumber plumbed. He moved a few shut-off valves, created a new drain for the kitchen sink, repaired a broken pipe in the shower and turned the water on. We have running water inside! We can use the bathroom...inside! Woohoo! 
  • I listed the old appliances on Craigs List and sold the range, the wall oven and the kitchen sink.
We didn't get to the house on Sunday. The snow made driving too treacherous. Hopefully the roads will be clear this week and we will get more accomplished.


  1. Whoa! That's a boatload of work you have ahead of you. I'm tired just reading about it.

  2. I love dark wood cabinets and hickory, but when we remodeled our kitchen, we had to go with the lightest wood that wasn't white, because the kitchen is so small with so little natural light. We had white cabinets before and had to keep repainting them, so that's why we wanted wood. I envy people who have those large bright spacious kitchens where they can get away with using rich woods like cherry and mahogany.

  3. Oh, I know just what you are going through. My husband, who has a small construction co., cannot move into a house without remodeling it. I had roll outs in our LA house and of all the things that house had, I only miss the roll outs. Good luck, it will be worth it in the end.

  4. Oh my. Canyon Girl is absolutely right... it'll all be worth it in the end. Hang in there!


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