Saturday, February 26, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts: Tight Pants

Hooray! A victorious week in my continued battle against that nasty enemy, the BloggerButt!
But, I forgot how, veeerrrryyy, slloooooowly, weeiiigghhhttt coommmmeeesss offfff! The needle on the scale is moving in the right direction, but it seems it only moves a smidgen at a time. That's where the blogs help - all of you who are also struggling with this are great incentives! Thanks for your support!

I had to return a Christmas gift (yeah, I kinda took some time with that one) at a not so local (that's why it took so long) tack shop. They had their winter breeches on sale. I have not ridden in anything but jeans and chaps for years. But, the breeches look warm. The breeches looked like my knees would not get chaffed. The breeches looked like they were the wrong size - they all looked tight and small!!! The breeches looked like they would show every lump, every roll and every jiggle!

I tried on a pair of XL pants... because they were really nice fabric and that was the only size they had of that kind. Sadly, or maybe not so sadly, I do not have an XL body!! They didn't have any Medium pants, so I tried on a pair of small, boot cut breeches by Kerrits.  I could get them on. I could move in them. I do hope to get smaller. So, why not?! An added benefit is that the stretchy material firmly holds the Blogger Butt and perhaps makes me look a little smaller in that area! Oh, and might I add, I rode in them today and they were sinfully comfortable!

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And, from Wednesday Words of Weightloss:

1.Have you tried various diets or programs? What works best for you?
2. Have you ever dieted or exercised with a buddy?
3. What's your favorite type of salad?
4. What's the first place  you start to notice that you're losing weight? (ie. tummy, arms)
5. What's one thing you can do to pamper  yourself this week? answers:
1. I have tried all kinds of diets. I've tried the tomato juice diet - not so great, ended up having to go to the Doctor. I have tried the 'eat lots of yogurt' diet. I have tried drinking tons of tea. I have tried high protein, no protein, low carbs and Slimfast slow. I am a double lifetime member of Weight Watchers. Currently I am back on WW and it is working. I just have to stick to it.

2. Yes...sort of. I used to walk with friends every morning. I've tried dieting with friends, too. But, it really comes down to my making a decision that I must exercise and eat right. Sometimes I think trying to lose weight with a friend backfires and they become saboteurs.

3. I go on salad swings. Sometimes I love them and at other times I detest them. I generally like a leafy green salad with some fruit, nuts, cheese and maybe some granola. I dip my fork into my dressing and then collect a bit of salad. I like creamy dressings - but have gotten where I can use some of the salad sprays. I love the oriental salad at Applebee's. Sadly I love macaroni salads and potato salads....but I don't think that was quite what you had in mind!

4. I lose weight top down. I first feel the difference in the way my bra fits. My hips are the last place I lose my weight.

5. I think I already pampered myself  buying the breeches! They will be a great reminder to stay on track over the next few weeks.


  1. I want to wear breaches too. I'm waaaay too big for that now, but I'm working on it. Keep it up!

  2. I'm so glad you joined in!I love salads and can't wait until we have some good lettuce in our greenhouse. I think breeches are a great way to pamper yourself. I always rode in schooling sweats or jeans. Drop by Everyday Ruralty Tuesday night or Wednesday for this upcoming week's questions. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Riding in breeches is the best. I couldn't get comfortable when I was in jeans, and, they rubbed. Glad you are succeeding in your fight!

  4. Size small, thats awesome well done.
    Looking forward to next weeks post:)

  5. Well good for you! I love love love love love breeches and riding tights. I also used to wear nothing but jeans to ride, but got fed up feeling so stiff when mounting, having to adjust everything once in the saddle, having the jeans ride up...and ride down in the butt. blah.
    I will never wear jeans for riding again. I have one pair of breeches, but several pairs of riding tights that were custom made for me by the Tights Lady.
    My fave pairs are those that have the full seat. Feels like I've finally got a velcro butt. Yay!

    Here's my answers to the: Questions:
    1.Have you tried various diets or programs? What works best for you?

    A.No, I don't do diets. I tend to follow the idea of All Things in Moderation and Exercise....but I don't do gyms.

    2. Have you ever dieted or exercised with a buddy?

    A. Yes, but it doesn't tend to work out, because one or the other has stuff happen, get sick, whatever and can't make it to work out or exercise and then it all falls apart. Dieting together tend to be too difficult because of differences in lifestyle and tastes.

    3. What's your favorite type of salad?

    A. Spinach Salad and Broccoli Salad

    4. What's the first place you start to notice that you're losing weight? (ie. tummy, arms)

    A. My pants fit looser, so the loss is usually in my butt, legs and hips.

    5. What's one thing you can do to pamper yourself this week?

    A. Take a nap? lol! How about going for a hike and doing some letterboxing?


  6. Don't forget to drop by for another Wednesday Words of Weightloss! There is a giveaway for NuNaturals Stevia. Those who do the meme get extra entries. I'd love to see folks who link be able to try some stevia- I love it!


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