Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Project - Week 5: End of Deconstruction, Time for Reconstruction

I think we have finally finished tearing out things and are ready to rebuild, replace and repaint. Sounds like progress to me! This week we:
  • Removed tile from the shower - I gave up trying to peel each tile off and just cut the sheet rock and muscled it off in chunks. Hard work - but perhaps a bit faster than going tile by tile.
  • Removed the mirror. I would like to believe that if you break a mirror purposefully you will not have 7 years of bad luck! 
  • Removed the bath fixtures so we could lift the soaking tub out of the tub surround and remove the last pieces of tile - woo hoo! I sure did a happy dance when I knocked the last one off!
  • Broke up the bathroom cabinets and trundled them to the dumpster
  • Reconstructed the knee wall in the kitchen. The existing one was a tad bit short.
  • Had the house measured for carpet. Now we have to decide whether to carpet just the master bedroom or whether to add both upstairs rooms and/or the basement.
  • Finally had two quotes for sheet rock work. The quotes came in less than we had budgeted - hooray!
  • Began sanding trim in the dining room. Patched nail holes and dings, and painted the ceiling
  • Hauled in 35 boxes of wood flooring - those suckers are heavy! (We still have some more in the truck - we ran out of oomph!)
  • Purchased faucets for the bathroom sinks and the tub. 
  • Bought the kitchen sink!
This week we didn't:
  • Ride either one of the boys - picture a very sad face here!!
But, they did enjoy visiting our neighbor's pasture:

And they're off ...


    1. I love your horses and you have a beautiful barn and paddock set up. I will have to go to some older posts to learn more about you and what you are doing with this house. Sounds like a lot of work. Thank you for visiting my Journal and leaving such very kind comments.

    2. Wow, sounds like a lot of work just tearing stuff out, not to mention what it takes to put it all back in. Guess that's good for a winter's project but just the thought makes me tired.

      I too have noticed that paints are named for foods. What's with that? LOL


    What thoughts do you have?

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