Tuesday, February 1, 2011

no! No! NO! Not the Tree!

Hay, Doc?
You bored?
Uh huh.
Cold, too.
Yeah, my hooves are freezing.
I'm hungry, too.

So what's new?
You're always hungry.

There's nothing here to eat.

Except for that poor excuse for a tree.
Those little sapling branches would 
probably be tasty, though.
Especially on a day like this!

Yeah, let's go get it!

I don't see my Mrs. Owner anywhere.

OK, I'll go see if I can pull 
the wire cage off of it.

Mmmmm, I can practically
taste it.

Got it! Come get a bite.

OK! OK! I get it. 
Come here guys...come get some more hay!
Stupid hay-burners, leave my tree alone!


  1. Oh, that is too funny. And, so typical of the horsey mind. Are you the artist? That drawing is a hoot in itself, right down to the hay on every part of your being.

  2. Naughty boys, picking on that wee little tree like that. Glad you saved it with a speedy diversion.

  3. Busted! Great photos & story, unless of course you are the little tree.

  4. lol! lol! That is too funny. Those two were almost going to "sapling burners". lol!
    And yes, I saw the hat, too. hehe!
    Great drawing :D


  5. If there was a tree in our pasture, it wouldn't stand a chance! :)

    It's coooooold here too!

  6. Great pics and commentary from the landscape designers! "Mrs. Owner" cracked me up!

    So did your cell phone comment btw, I think you need to share your extreme talent here. :)

  7. Too funny! That hay toter came straight out of your photo album, right? (I have one just like it in mine *grin*).
    We lost two nice little trees in the front yard to tummies (but the outside, not inside :o)
    Oops - Poor little tree...So sorry.

  8. I posted the tree eating picture on fb. My cousin gave me a hard time for planting a sapling in a pasture. As small as it is, I hate to admit that the sapling pre-dated my acquisition of the beasts and creating the pasture. When I planted it, the tree (Mountain Green Ash) was all of about 6" tall. That was in '08!

    As for the hay toter - yeah, that's me as best as I can make it in MS Paint! It actually is such a good likeness of me these days that I used it as my profile on fb!

  9. Awwww, now that's cute! Right now I'm munching on some carrots I'd be happy to share ... Perfect combination of word and picture in this story! :-)

  10. Thanks, Country Dreaming, for stopping by and for the kind thoughts! The boys say to send the carrots their way!


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