Sunday, December 30, 2012

How Low Can You Go?

We had an uneventful driving day. Look where we ended today's trip; one can't get much further south than this! Our plan was to get down here to escape snowstorms,  hazardous travel and freezing temperatures.

(That word seems to plague me!)

The weatherman says we will get rain, snow, rain and more snow, and the thermometer is supposed to dip to 28. So far that old rascal is correct. It drizzled a bit when we pulled in, and it is now raining in ernest. We wanted to avoid the cold temperatures so we could un-winterize the RV and have running water!

Early morning south of Albuquerque. 
We loved the haze by the mountains, 
probably caused by wind-driven sand.

Most of the terrain heading south was very flat.
However, several times we came upon large, steep arroyos.
Do you see where we are headed?

 The deep gullies had warnings about high winds,
complete with wind socks.

 Juarez, Mexico, as viewed from El Paso, TX.

We had to stop at the Border Patrol checkpoint outside of El Paso. 
Even though we could have ferried quite a few people in the motorhome, 
we were waved right through. 

The dogs spent most of the ride on their beds. Gypsy hasn't figured out how to jump onto her bed, since the floor is slippery and the space is cramped. I need to lift her up, something she doesn't particularly care for. She stays on the bed regardless of what is going on. Even when we stop at a rest area, she will remain on the bed until I get her leash. Tucker, however, jumps onto my seat so that he can have an unobstructed view outside the RV. The rascal knows he's not supposed to be on the seat, and will immediately jump off when he sees me coming!


  1. Pretty cold temperatures considering where you are...

  2. Snow, so far south. That is definitely wrong! Safe travels to you all. Is it that cute pillow that's cramping Gypsy's space?

  3. Glad you & your family are the travelers rather than I. Driving in rain, wind, & perhaps even some snow will NOT be fun! However, let's hope FL will be sunny & warm.


  4. A rough start! It will be smooth sailing soon.

  5. Sorry we missed being able to meet up. Just a busy time of year.
    It's good that you made it down that far and are avoiding the worst of the winter weather. We got several inches of snow last night up here near Albuquerque and the winds have gusted into 50mph range. Our house is even shaking. I can imagine that an RV in these kinds of winds would be a wild ride!

    Have a safe journey,


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