Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas in Connecticut - 1958

We lived in Connecticut for one year when I was young. My dad was working in New York City and commuted from our home. Our 'home' was actually a barn! So, I guess, if we ever left the door open and my mother inquired, "Were you raised in a barn?" we could honestly answer, "Yes!"

I loved the barn. It had been converted into a home by my great aunt. As I recall the rooms were spacious - probably because I was so much smaller then! There were balconies both inside and outside. There was one that looked over the living room. That is where our TV was located and we children would delight in throwing things down into the living room... like the poor, suffering hamster who would take trips down onto the feather pillowed chair! He survived. We claimed that he liked flying!

I unearthed some pictures of Christmas at the barn:

In the foreground, my brother and dad check out the Ballistic Missile my brother received. I remember this toy. The missile was launched with water pressure created by pumping the handle of the launcher. The coffee table just beyond my brother graces my living room today! Aunt Lynn, Grandma Ogren and my mother are looking on from the couch. It seems strange to see my grandmother smoking. I recall that the silver piece on the corner of the coffee table nearest my mother was used to hold cigarettes for formal gatherings. They were put out on the table just as dinner mints would be offered! Oh, and my mother did have two legs! She just liked sitting with one leg cocked under her... something I still do. Those shoes of mom's must have been uncomfortable! And look at that bottle of booze - I'm betting that was a gift for my father - even then people didn't know what to get the man!

This is my mother. She sure looks young! 
But then again, doing the math, she was 36 years old.

My sister opening a gift. 
She is 11 years old in this picture.
I'm wondering if the watch she is wearing was a gift.
The chair she is sitting in now resides in my kitchen.
and the ladderback chair to her right is in our bedroom!
The wall behind my sister is the wall of the telephone room.
When the barn was made into a home my great aunt
had a small room, probably 4' X 6', set up for the phone.
I remember talking on the phone in this room. 
There was a built-in shelf for taking messages,
and a small window for light.

here is Dreaming as a little girl.
I am opening a small china tea set
while my paternal grandmother looks on.

Merry Christmas!


  1. How cool that you still have these photos to look through! And to actually live in a barn would be so neat! I also sit with one or both legs up under me. Enjoy your Christmas weekend!

  2. How lovely, this reminds me so much of flipping through my old family albums, God bless you and all your family!

  3. The photos you posted brought back many memories from my childhood although I lived in a house rather than a barn. Thanks!

    BTW, my mother always sat with one leg under her, and I often do the same (although working at the D.O. broke this habit that I have resumed during retirement).

    Isn't it simply amazing that smoking cigarettes was such an integral part of our childhoods. I've often thought that my hair & clothing must have reaked with cigarette smoke; however, nary a word was said by others (classmates, teachers, etc.). Is Scott still on the smoking "wagon" or has he resumed this habit?


  4. This is so beautiful! I loved seeing the pictures and hearing about a memory you have!

  5. I've always wanted to live in a barn that was converted to a house!

    My parents have a phone room in the Lodge - I call it the Superman Booth - though closing the door for privacy is purely for looks, everyone can hear everything in the Lodge.

  6. Family pictures are the best! I enjoyed seeing yours and reading some of your memories. Your Christmas tree brought back memories of hanging tinsel strand by strand! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!

  7. Awww I loved this post and especially the pictures, thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Very sweet pictures~ I'm sure the memories are even sweeter!
    First time here... love your blog!

  9. Weren't you a cutie..I love all the old photos..and look at that tinsel on the tree..thanks for sharing:)


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