Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wrong Way....Again

We have spent the day packing and running out to get odds and ends. I have made trip after trip out to the RV with clothes, food, books and other stuff. We have capitulated and I 'made' the couch up for Gypsy and Tucker. I covered it with a fitted sheet to capture all some of their dog hair. Son #2 picked up a new dog bed for Gypsy last night. The beds will go on the couch while we are en route, and then they'll find a place on the floor. Gypsy's bed is too much.... it came with a pillow for the princess - is that silly stupid or what?

We are taking off tomorrow for our trip to the southeast. We are heading to the Jacksonville, FL to visit Mr. Dreamy's family. But.... we are going the wrong way!

Because of freezing conditions, and possible snowstorms en route, Mr. Dreamy has decided he would rather drive straight south. The road goes from here to Albuquerque... which is slightly west of us, before we head further south and then go east. I'm confused! It's the wrong way!


  1. What a great dog bed! Have a great and safe long did the 2nd Christmas tree last?

  2. Cozy looking bed for Gypsy! Have a great trip..driving an RV in bad weather would be no fun..going the wrong way will be much safer and most likely more fun safely:)

  3. Another trip! That RV is sure getting around :)
    Have a great trip!!

  4. Greetings Dreaming. I'm with Mr. Dreamy! I'd avoid tricksy weather even if it meant going the wrong way. And Gypsy's bed is darling! Have a safe and happy trip to Jacksonville and the best of new years!

  5. Wrong way or not, some place warmer sounds better to me! Look forward to following you on your trip! :) Love that bed! LOL

  6. There's no wrong way if you are enjoying the trip! Have a safe journey.

  7. Wishing you and Mr. Dreamy a safe and fun trip!

  8. We're expecting snow in Albuquerque by Sunday evening. I hope we get a chance to meet up.


  9. Any route to the South is the Right Way not the Wrong Way!



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