Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flying the Dogs

I just got back from flying walking the dogs. We went out for their 'just before bed' potty walk. When there aren't many people or pets around, I let the dogs walk at the end of their extendable leashes. I sometimes feel like I am trying to control trick kites, as the dogs go this way and that, and cross one leash over the other, while I try to juggle the leash handles and keep them untangled. I probably provide great entertainment for other folks in the campground!

This morning we got an early start. I guess we were both excited, or maybe anxious, about our trip and we were out of bed before daylight, taking last minute loads out to the RV.

The morning sky was mesmerizing.

Mr. Dreamy climbed into the pilot's seat to start the RV so it could warm up a bit, before we were on our way. Houston, we seem to have a problem! There was a warning light showing on our dash

This light was telling us that the particulate exhaust filter was clogged. More research ensued. Mr. Dreamy checked the Freightliner manual. Mr. Dreamy checked the Cummings diesel manual, and I'm sure he checked several other books that were part of the pile of manuals we received when we purchased the RV. Mr. Dreamy called the manufacturer... they were closed for the holiday. Mr. Dreamy called the local RV dealer, no one was in their service department. Mr. Dreamy called another RV dealer...same story. I called an RV dealer and left a message - my call was not returned. We called our RV version of AAA road side assistance to see if we could get driveway assistance. Arghhh! 
Finally Mr. Dreamy put all of the pieces together and finally discovered the shorting switch that would tell the engine to perform a regeneration. It worked! So, only an hour later than our original 'no later than' departure time we pulled out of the driveway. 

The dogs were told, "No, you may not get on the couch, but you may be on your beds." 
They seemed quite happy to travel this way.

Tucker would come up to supervise our progress now and then. I think he wanted to make sure that Mr. Dreamy was heading the right way!

We had hoped to make it to Albuquerque, but settled for Santa Fe, just as the sun was setting.

All in all, it was a good day!


  1. Glad you got things figured out and could start your trip! The dogs are so lucky to be able to travel with you....sweet.

  2. Lovely day and I trust Tucker will steer you in the right direction!

  3. The first day of a great adventure!

  4. Your vivid analogy of "trying to control trick kites" was delicious! Perfectly described.
    I'm glad you got everything straightened out and only lost an hour.
    Safe travels!


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