Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch: I'll Be Home For Christmas

It's time to chat with Patrice and all kinds of Blogging friends. Patrice mentioned that the weather in her neck of the woods is perfect for sitting on the porch. Here, too. Well, it might be a wee bit chilly, but the sun is out and our temperatures are quite a bit above average. We are actually wishing we would get some winter weather as we really need the moisture.

This week Patrice asks:
  1. Do you have your tree up yet? If not, when will you put it up? If you don't have a tree, please tell me about another tradition you like.
  2. What was the best job you ever had? The worst?
  3. Do you drive around and look at Christmas lights? If not applicable, tell me something you like to look at when you go for a drive.
  4. Does your tea kettle have a whistle?
  5. Do you like boots?
My Responses:

1. Our tree is up, but only partially decorated. This will be the first Christmas that we will actually celebrate in Colorado - and we have lived here since 2007. I am looking forward to having Christmas with my family. We'll celebrate with Mr. Dreamy's family in January. 

A Victim of my Late-Night Decorating

2. My best job was working as a Teacher-in-Residence for CERRA, SC. I had the opportunity to support the education profession. I visited schools, talked to students, and conducted workshops. I traveled a lot in SC and had the opportunity to create my own schedule. It was very rewarding work and most experiences were very positive. I think my worst job was with an insurance agency. I really shouldn't complain as my friend's father got me the job - a condition my parents imposed if I was going to live away from home the first summer after college. The job required me to update files for clients and mail out renewal notices. It was boring and I didn't have much in common with any of the 'girls' in the office.

3. We used to drive through a few neighborhoods that were known for stunning light displays, but we haven't done so in a quite a while. I guess that's a victim of high gas prices! This year we do plan to go to the Zoo and the Botanic Gardens, both of which have evening light displays that are supposed to be wondrous.

4. I have a tea kettle from years ago that does whistle. However, the only thing I've used it for in years is to take hot water down to the barn to make warm beat pulp mash for the guest horses on cold mornings!

5. I would much rather wear Crocs or CrocKnock-offs, or something like Teva sandals, than boots. If I must wear boots, because of the weather, I really like my Bog Boots. They are so very comfortable and they keep my feet warm. If I have to do a lot of walking in cool weather, then I enjoy wearing a pair of Ariat  work boots with a Thinsulate lining.

Come join the chat. You can respond to Patrice's questions, too, and we can get to know each other a bit better. You can answer in comments on my site, or her site, or you can link your blog responses to Patrice's site:

Everyday Ruralty


  1. I really enjoyed your answers. I'm glad you get to stay home too - I bet the light displays will be fun at the gardens and zoo!

  2. I hope you will take pix at the light displays so we can see them. I don't know if the zoo or bot garden have good lights. Your good job sounds quite nice, the bad one sounds like something many folks have. At least it wasn't horrible or scary or gross. Talk about a run-on sentence! Have a great week!

  3. So nice that you wil be having Christmas at home with your family. That's the best kind of Christmas.

  4. The light displays in a botanical garden & a zoo would be right up our alley :O) I hope you'll post some pics. Have a blessed week.

  5. Do you have your tree up yet? If not, when will you put it up? No , not yet maybe next week.
    What was the best job you ever had? I owed a small fishing resort..loved it. The worst? I was a USDA Potato Grader
    Do you drive around and look at Christmas lights? Yes!!
    Does your tea kettle have a whistle? I do not have a tea kettle
    Do you like boots? Yes and no..I wear Uggs I have two pair..I love my crocs and miss them during the winter:)


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