Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Eve 1955

When We Were Very Young....

We enjoyed a Swedish smorgasbord on Christmas Eve 
and opened family gifts.
Santa brought some little things to us
the next morning, in the traditional stocking, 
hung by the chimney with care!
Here I am with my new doll and stroller.
The truck in the background was probably my brother's gift. 
I think that's probably my uncle in the background,
sitting on the edge of a chest, since my dad was probably the photographer.

My sister received a case (on her right) for her "Ginny" dolls
and a small wardrobe for their clothes.
My cousin, in the blue skirt and white blouse,
 also seemed to have gotten a doll.
My maternal grandmother is looking on. 
Isn't the wallpaper wild? 
I don't remember it at all!
I think we were in the playroom in our house near Buffalo, NY.
We moved from this house about two years after this photo was taken.

This is a picture of my living room, today.
No wild wall paper!
Did you notice the rocking chair in the first picture?
Like me, it's still around today,
With a few more dings and creaky joints!
 It was my father's chair when he was young.

And, how about this?

It seems that Mr. Dreamy may have received a similar truck,
one Christmas, long ago,
when we were very young!


  1. How cool to have those photos! I am so glad that wallpaper is out and paint is in! I hate removing wallpaper and I am sure it was a pain to put up, too. Growing up, we had a wallpapered house. Ugh!

  2. What fun to have these pictures! I know all about wild wallpaper...there's still some in our old farmhouse that we haven't yet removed. The task seems a little bit overwhelming! But when we removed the paper in the kitchen six years ago, we found all sorts of interesting writing on the plaster walls underneath! Who knows what we might find when we remove the paper from the last room yet to re-do!

  3. Oh thanks so much for the memories! How fun!

  4. I have it on my To Do List to start going through old scrapbooks. I inherited all the family albums along with slides, a projector and screen, but have been too busy since my mom passed to look at any of it. I'll bet those pictures jogged memories you had forgotten about.

  5. This is so sweet! We must be very close in age.

  6. Awww this is so very sweet! Adorable pictures.

  7. Isn't it amazing what we DO and DO NOT remember from past Christmases? Hope that you and your family make wonderful memories this year!


  8. I like the rocking chair and those toys!! :)


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