Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Post Holiday Blues

Post holiday blues...

The children are heading to their homes.
The decorations? Coming down.
The presents, no longer mysterious
treasures under a tree,
are put away where none can see.
What used to be a marvelous meal
is now worn out and tired leftovers.
At least someone is happy!


  1. What a fun drawing! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, making happy memories!!

  2. I'm not through with the leftovers yet!

  3. I have very happy fat cells right now! And I'm headed up to make a last supper out of leftovers. I love leftovers! I try to make sure there are leftovers every time I cook. We had Christmas dinner at the home of friends, and they never eat leftovers - so a very happy Terry and I returned home laden with leftovers. Oh happy day! I hope your trip to Florida is curing those post holiday blues!


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