Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Post in Appreciation

I write my blog for me. I don't know why I feel like I should spew out mundane things. Perhaps it is because of that English teacher who said I couldn't write. Maybe I'm still trying to make a point. But I also enjoy getting feedback from friends and followers - well, maybe because they are positive and not like that English teacher! (Yes, he really did say that. And, 40 years later, when I saw him at my HS reunion, my stomach still did flip-flops and turned inside out!) It has been so interesting to meet people through my blogging. I love that I have friends, many most of whom I have never met, but I feel like I know them and that they know me! Thank you, all, for checking out what I have to say now and then, and for letting me know your thoughts. Thank you, also, for not pointing out errors in grammar or punctuation, or spelling!!!

I noticed I have new followers and would like to thank them for stopping by and caring to read my posts.

Thank you, Laurie! Laurie is a new face-to-face friend. We met over horse poop; outside, in the paddock, picking up after horses. What an amazing world it is as we discovered how many things we have in common.

Mary is also a new follower. She bumped into me while chatting on the farmhouse porch ;-)  Another blogger, Patrice at Everyday Rurality, has a weekly link-up where bloggers can respond to questions and link them to Patrice's site. Then, bloggers can read other's responses to the questions. It is almost like visiting one another. Mary writes Visits with Mary, and Waiting at the Gate.

From Mary's header - this sure reminds me of the south!

Another new follower is Mimi Foxmorton. I love her name! Mimi is so inspirational. She is very artistic - something I aspire to be! She writes a number of blogs and shares so much beauty in them. One is called Sea Gypsy and another is called Collage Pirate. I'll create a bit of mystery here by suggesting you visit one of Mimi's sites and then travel to others that I haven't listed!

Found on Mimi's header for Collage Pirate

My latest follower is Alica. She pens Happily Married... to the Cows. I have a fascination with dairy cows, well, to be honest, I guess with all cows. Perhaps that fascination has its roots in my visits to my grandfather's ranch as a young girl, or maybe it is just that I've wondered how cows can lick their own noses! Whatever, I totally admire dairy farmers and the twice, daily work they do to bring us fresh milk and milk products! Alica also lives in Lancaster, PA and reports that she is from a long line of Mennonites. The Amish and the Mennonites also are a fascination of mine. I love nothing more than visiting Amish areas and talking with a few Amish I have gotten to know through my horses.

Header for Alica's Blog

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. It is time for me to get to work! I have so many things to do to get ready for the holidays! How about you? Are you feeling the stress already?!


  1. Hey...thanks for the shout out! I am so interested in hearing how people live in all different parts of the country...and what better way to do it than by reading their blogs! (and I've got my own share of grammatical errors, don't worry...I won't be pointing out anyone else's! :) )

  2. Congratulations on all your new followers. You are a really good writer as far as I'm concerned. I love what you can do when given a subject and 100 words I forget what those posts are called.

  3. Well thank YOU for taking the time to put fingers to the keyboard (as opposed to pen to paper) I enjoy what you write, and your awesome drawings, you are a very talented lady!! To h-e-double toothpick to that stuffy English teacher!

  4. I'm still around reading your blog from time to time. Don't comment all that often, though.
    I, too, blog just for me. I started off doing that and then realized I was getting too focused on the comments on replies and not being true to myself. Now I'm back to blogging for myself again, and although I don't get as many comments as I used to, I feel more honest and free with my writing and am glad to using my blog as my personal journal again :)


  5. Well, that English teacher sure didn't know what he was talking about, lol!

  6. Who would have guessed that blogging could give us such pleasure. I recognize many of your new are going to enjoy connecting with them. We should always write for ourselves, it's not required reading and people should visit because they are interested in what you have to say. Nice post!

  7. While writing/blogging is NOT my "cup of tea", I love reading your blog. Interestingly, almost all the blogs I read rarely update, so you are to be commended for your dedication!



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