Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Friends and a Shiny New Year

I love the promise of new things: new toys when I was a child, a new notebook waiting to be filled, a new pair of jeans to break in, new friends, new communities and all that comes with a new year. May the year bring many adventures, much fun and good times for all.

I have new friends who are following my blog. I welcome them and look forward to learning more about them as the year unfolds.

Welcome Amy! Amy writes Mrs Rooster's Hen House which tells about her busy life, in general. Then she writes two other blogs!  The Morganic Institute of Thinkology chronicles Amy's homeschooling and includes ideas and suggestions for connecting with other homeschoolers. At one point I considered homeschooling. I had a wild idea that we should travel around the country and learn about our wonderful land first hand. But then, sanity returned. I'm thinking I might have only had one child grow to adulthood if I home schooled them both! Amy's other blog, Flosses and Crosses, will be wonderful inspiration for me. I hope to get back to different types of handiwork this year; knitting, embroidery and just maybe, quilting. Oh my... that sounds dangerously close to a 'goal' for the year... something I don't do! 

Another new friend, Dutchman's Daughter writes Dutchman Daughter's Farm. I am thinking that her blog is a bit like mine, chronicling all kinds of day-to-day goings on around a farm. Only... I don't consider my place a farm, yet! But...Dutchman's Daughter talks about chickens... her hen house even has some darling new flower boxes on it, with cute chicken silhouettes! I've been researching chicken coops and hope to have some chickens come into my life. Uh oh... that sounds like another 'goal'. For someone who gets hives thinking of long term goals... I seem to be digging a hole here!

How do these women do it? Suz is another new friend who authors several blogs. Well, OK, here is a deep, dark secret! Shhhh! I have another blog, too. But, I don't update that one quite as often! Suz's blogs include One Thousand Gifts, P.S. Annie!,  Heartstrings by Suzanne,  and the 'umbrella' site: McClendon Villa. You really ought to visit the McClendon Villa site as it links to all of the blogs, sale sights and enterprises of Suz and David McClendon. Be careful... you can get lost in there and spend hours and hours reading and learning new things! Suz writes about genealogy in P.S. Annie! My hubby is, at this very moment, working on his genealogy on! I'll have to connect him to Suz, too!

Beth is another new friend. She's a mystery friend! I don't know anything about her as her 'About me' link doesn't link to a blog.  So I'm hoping that Beth reads this and lets me know more about her so I can get to know her better!

As I was writing this post, another friend popped up! My newest friend, my first blog friend for 2012, is actually one of my newest face-to-face friends! I joined a local Book Club and I actually hosted the December meeting. The Book Club is new, so the women in the club are all 'new friends'! From the Sidelines writes about her busy life with her husband, children and job. It's fun to have a new friend with so many connections to me. We are both teachers, readers and writers! 

Welcome new friends. 
Welcome new year!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Looking forward to our Jan. get-together! =) Love your pics too--your horses are beautiful! =)

  2. Hi!!!! I"m Beth, and I do have a blog, but have only recently begun to "follow" other blogs, so I had no idea what my "About me" link said. haha Here's my blog link (I'm a horse lady too...Appaloosas are my drug of choice!) I enjoy your blog...

  3. Ok, so I think I fixed the blog link issue on my profile. haha. Thanks for letting me know about that, I had no idea!


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