Sunday, January 29, 2012


Thank you for all of the kind Birthday wishes for my hubby.  He enjoyed my post and was flabbergasted by the first picture:

"Where did you find that?" he asked.  Hubby clearly remembers this picture being taken. His dad, and his grandfather were engineers on the New York Central railroad. Hubby is about 6 years old and he is standing in the engine compartment of the train while his dad was acting as the fireman. This could never happen, today, but occasionally hubby would go to work with his dad... riding the trains! The train engine, hubby tells me, was an RS 3 manufactured by ALCO.

Hubby has just gotten a hankering to dabble in model trains. (Although I suspect one doesn't "dabble" when one "does" model trains!) Hubby asked for gift cards for Christmas and used them to purchase some 'N' scale trains and tracks. We've enjoyed visiting swap meets and model train shows in the past few weeks, and Hubby has checked out the local... and not so local... hobby stores. He wants to recreate some of the area where his dad and grandfather worked. Among his first purchases was this engine:

Would you believe? This is the same engine where hubby's picture was taken... and hubby was standing where the arrow points! You can see the curved window and the side window in both pictures!

Maybe we'll have to find a figure of a little boy, in his engineer's cap, to put in the cab!


  1. That is a great hobby. My brother had a model train set up in our basement when we were kids. It was always fun to watch him and his friends being engineers and designing new layouts. My grandson is now obsessed with the hobby and it is even more fun watching him.

  2. Love that first pic. Scrolled down for the Birthday post.Hope your hubby had a nice day. That really is a nice picture.

  3. This is awsome! I would do the figurine, most definitely! Such a great story. We love trains too.


  4. How neat that it's the same kind of train! =)
    Trains are cool!

  5. That really makes the hobby a personal passion. That's very special. And great that your hubby could find that same train from his childhood.

  6. What a wonderful photo...happy birthday to him!

  7. I love *everything* about this post! That top photo is priceless, the fact that your husband has a memory of riding in a train engine compartment is soooo cool, and I absolutely LOVE model trains. I have my dad's old Lionel O-scale train set...
    Happy (belated) birthday to your husband and nice work on the super cool gift!

  8. p.s. Also very belated on my part...I have added your blog to the blogroll on my sidebar...

  9. You should see my cousins train house! I'm serious. He calls it his toy room. A huge room full of trains on tracks in villages. Happy belated birthday to your man!

    Cindy Bee


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