Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blogger Ate My Homework

I promise I wrote the post! I promise I did it... but it isn't here. It's not in drafts and it's not published. It's lost in cyberspace someplace between my pushing the "Publish Post" button and showing up on the blog. My post is no longer in my drafts folder.... no matter how many times I go back and read through my drafts, and it's not in my list of published posts.
Do I have to write it all again? Will Blogger be kind and restore my post? I do hope so. It was a long post. It had pictures. I actually wrote it a while back and, in my opinion, it is a good post!
Evidently Blogger had some problems in May. People couldn't post or comment, or posts and comments disappeared during 'maintenance'. I found this article about that event. Maybe (please??) it happened again! Maybe (please??) Blogger will restore my post and it will magically appear on my blog.

So, are any of you missing anything on Blogger,  or is it just me?
If I don't get any comments, is it because no one cares to, or feels they need to, respond or is it because Blogger is eating their comments, too?

I want my post back! I want it now! I don't want to write it all over again! (Blogger tantrum)


  1. Someone said that things got bad after Google bought Blogger. I don't know anything about that, but I know that about eight pictures of my most recent followers disappeared for a long time. They have now been returned and I hope your post will be too. Thanks for the warning though, I will now go back to writing the long posts in Word again. Just in case.

  2. Yikes! I'm so sorry and I would be throwing a blogger fit too!! There was one day when my blog hit cyberspace and I couldn't find it . . . but it eventually showed up. It took about an hour before it showed up on the blogger feed.

  3. Darn blogger. I'm sure we'd all have enjoyed that post.

  4. Boo on blogger! It did that to me the other week and I had to re-write my post. I was having a blogger tantrum for sure. I am also having blogger disappointment about my reading list, it is not updating as a I new blogs.
    Hopefully you will find your blog, as I always look forward to reading them!

  5. A while back, I was dead in the water - couldn't post at all. Then I could post but not comment. Then I could comment, but only as Anonymous.

  6. This has happened to me before too...Very irritating...makes me wonder if I should bother to blog tonight. haha

  7. PS...hope ya find your missing masterpiece. =)

  8. And, the dog ate my homework! I suspect many of us have heard this before. Cyndi, surely you can come up with a better "excuse" than this!!

    Actually, perhaps the cold and snow and lousy weather got your blog post.


  9. Man I hate that when it happens!


  10. I use Live Writer it is free and never loses anything I write:..sorry about your lost blog..I bet it was a winner too:)

  11. Sometimes if you write a post and save it to draft, and then try to publish it, you have to go to the date you wrote it to find it in your "edit Posts" screen.

  12. That happened to me back at that time as well and I lost ALL comments - hundreds. But, they were restored after approximately 48-72 hours. However, I had read that several people did not have restoration of their blogs and/or comments.

    I was so saddened to think I had lost my comments because that is how I first read other people's blogs...when reading my comments, I usually click on their name/address and read right back so that I can stay in touch. I was so happy when they were restored.

    I hope you get your post back, especially after you went through all the trouble of attaching the pictures. Augh!!!



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