Friday, January 13, 2012

Tucker's Day

Tucker, it's time to go to play day.

Mom, hurry up. You said we were going.
Do ya havta put a coat on? 
I'm ready...just like that!

Don't let this brief moment in time,
lead you to believe that Tucker
was angelically sitting and waiting
for me to snap on the leash.
This was only one moment,
albeit a still moment,
in the 'put the leash on' dance!

OK, Mom. At the end of the driveway,
turn left. Then get ready to 
turn left again....

Another angelic moment.
Tucker is trying to get you on his side!
And, with that cute expression, 
I don't think that will be a problem!
This pictures just screams, "I'm a good boy!"

This is the way to go, Mom. 
Can you walk any faster?

Tucker announces his arrival.
I'm here! Hurry up! Open the door!

And, did Tucker have a good time at day care?
You bet!
He says it was mud-wonderful and puddle-ish-ious!


  1. He obviously love it. Does he go every day? Sweet boy!

  2. How cute! Tucker is such a sweetie! And a mud pie :)

  3. OMGosh!! Tucker's eyes!!! I am in love!! How do you not spoil that boy rotten? I would!

  4. He's so cute. They have such large personalities don't they? lol

  5. Oh how I would love to give that big boy some hugs. Love his sweet face. Such a handsome dog.

  6. He must love going to Day Care..I wish we had one in this area..I suppose there is the Groomers..but somehow it just doesn't seem the same. Oh his eyes would do me in and I would let him get by with so much. A happy wet dog ..with a little dirt mixed that was a good day! :)

  7. I have an Aussie boy and you can't help but love them with all your heart!!!! Tucker is a living doll, a big doll, but a doll nonetheless.


  8. hahahaha! Great post! Thanks for the smile :)

  9. All your animals are so talented --- talkative, photogenic, etc. Are they this way when they interview for your home or do you "develop" their talents?


  10. Thanks for all of the sweet comments about Tucker. He is a cute, not so little, guy! He's huggable after 8:30, when he finally goes 'off duty'!
    He does love day care. He loves playing with the other dogs, and rarely takes a break while there. We only send him once a week, and we miss him terribly if we happen to be home on his day 'off'. I used to think doggie day care was ridiculous... until we saw how much he loves it.
    Anon.... I'm a teacher so of course I develop their talents!! Ha! Do you believe that one?

  11. Oh, Tucker, you're too cute and such a good boy too. Samson Says: Hey, Tucker, do you want to know a secret? Daddy lets me sleep in the bed sometimes. Your mommy said not to tell you, but us dogs have to stick together. So now you know!

  12. Very cute post. I could never get those pictures with my dogs. They wouldn't stay still long enough. First sign of a leash and they go crazy.


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