Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I Didn't Do

Yesterday I posted about everything I had done the day before. I began thinking about what I didn't do - it's an impressive list, but fear not, I won't bore you with everything! I'll just give you the top ten!

10.  I didn't get a pedicure. I've actually never had a pedicure! The thought of someone I don't know touching my feet creeps me out. Also, years ago I battled with a finger nail/toe nail fungus. It plagued me for months and I basically lost half my finger nails. The only way I got rid of it was through pregnancy. Evidently all of the hormones and good baby stuff going through my system killed the fungus. I can't do that again so I don't even want to risk catching something at a salon.

9.  I wasn't in a car accident - but we came really close. A big-a$$ truck turned left onto Main Street, in town, in a 25 mph stretch of the road, just in front of us. We were in the right lane... but the driver of the truck evidently never saw us as he moved from the turn lane, into the left lane, and without signaling (and I guess, without looking), on into our lane. If hubby hadn't been watching - well, it was kinda hard not to see the truck as it was easily twice our size - stepped on brakes and sounded the horn, we might be car shopping right now. But, I'm thinking a Prius with 150,000 miles isn't going to bring too much from insurance!

8.  I didn't take Tucker for a walk. But, hubby and I took him to a dog park. How to you say, 'fun, fun, fun' in dog language? Tucker's answer, "Run, run, run!"

7.  I didn't go skiing - but I'm hoping to hit the slopes this week, though! I joined a skiing MeetUp. Have you checked out There are tons of groups you can join, or you can start your own. It's a great way to find people and do things together. I am a member of a trail riding group, a book club and now the ski group.

6.  I didn't go riding in either one of the two huge indoor arena at the stables across the street from my house. I called the owner a few weeks ago and asked about paying to ride in her arenas a few times a week. She said she'd work the numbers and get back to me. I called and left a message a few days ago. Still nothing.  Darn. I'm thinking this would be a goldmine for her - well, maybe not gold... but a least a few extra bucks coming in with very little effort on her part. I even promised to pick up the poops!

5.  I didn't fly to Detroit to see my BFF. I get trip alerts from Trip Advisor. I get an email when fares drop below a certain point. On Thursday I got an email that a round trip ticket, with all associated airport fees, was $171. The flights were direct. The times were decent. Leave here on Saturday, return on Tuesday. But... my friend had some things scheduled, so she couldn't come here. And I had some things scheduled, so I couldn't go there. Maybe next time!

4.  I didn't lose any weight. Picture a sad face on a plumper-than-she-likes body. I've cut back - but I guess I need to get a bit more serious about it... and get my body moving a bit more. I did get a 25-visit pass for our town's rec center and field house for Christmas (it was on my wish list - hubby wasn't trying to give me a not-so-subtle message!) so I can use their machines and go climbing. I guess I've procrastinated enough - time to put the tennies on and get to work!

3.  I didn't finish reading a book. I love books. I love eBooks. I love reading. I just don't get around to it until I go to bed, and then my eyes function like those dolls who have open and shut eyes. Lay them down and they shut their eyes. That's me!

2.  I didn't take pictures at my Blogger Buddy Breakfast! Once Upon and Equine and Terry from Moondance Ranch came for breakfast. We had a wonderful time getting to now each other over omelets, cranberry-orange muffins supplied by Terry and a fruit compote from Once Upon. We talked books. We talked movies; two of us saw "War Horse "and one didn't because she didn't want to cry! We talked about horses, of course. And, naturally, we all went down to visit Pippin and Doc and Tucker whirled around all three of us, and Mama Boots took one look at all of the activity and went elsewhere! So, shoot me. I'm sorry. Pictures will come next time!

And, finally....





1.  I didn't come home with....

A family had 8 puppies in an enclosure outside of the grocery store. I fell in love with an 8-week female that looked just like this little pup. O-M-G...cute?! The puppies broke the cute meter! They were all fat and fluffy and waddled when they walked.  I snuggled with the female pup (oh, and Tucker hated that! He gave me a really hard time when I got home - He was all over me with his nose. I think he was trying to find the puppy!) I had a tough time putting her down. Hubby didn't like the idea of a Great Pyrenees crossed with the town mutt (probably a lab, the kids reported)  Hubby feels they are too head strong. (And Tucker isn't??!!) Oh well, trying to house train a dog, in winter, in Colorado, is also on my top ten list of things not to do!


  1. Very glad you did not do the car accident one on your list and I can't believe you did not come home with the cute puppy! At one time I also asked someone down the street to ride in their arena and it worked out pretty well except it wasn't covered. Keep calling her...some folks get distracted and she may have just forgotton to call.

  2. I like the idea of looking back, not only at what you DID but at what you DIDN'T do as well! It kind of makes one grateful for all the things that didn't go wrong.

    No way I could have not brought home that pup! I have a pyre cross and she's excellent with all of my other animals and a perfect house-dog as well!

  3. I have never chanced a pedicure either..I can still clip my toenails just fine. Oh I would have been tempted with that pup...but they do get large and need a should get sheep or maybe goats:)

  4. I'm sad I couldn't make it to the meet-up. I would have loved to have met you all for realsies :)

    I'm with you on not wanting to housebreak a puppy in the winter, though. My step-dog despises the snow, which we haven't had much of, and I swear, when it's time to do her business, I think she just backs her butt out the garage door, just barely across the threshold, while keeping the rest of her body inside the snow-free garage. Makes me insane.

  5. You have been busy, both in what you did and what you didn't do. Pretty cool to have a blogger meet-up lunch, and I salute your fortitude in not having come home with a puppy. We had a Pyrenees cross once, and she dug the hugest holes all over the pasture in her quest to eliminate the local gopher population.

  6. Dreaming, you make a delicious omelet! It was a lovely breakfast with good company. I hope we can do "Blogger Buddy Breakfast" again sometime.

    Glad your hubby has fast reactions and avoided that big truck.

    Run, Tucker, Run! He doesn't need much encouragement though, does he?

    I haven't had much chance to read since Christmas. I love to read too.

    I love pedicures. I tried to get my husband to do a side by side pedicure with me, but he won't. I tried luring him with the idea of an attractive woman massaging his feet. Nope, he wouldn't go for it.

    You had a full day!

  7. Tucker is too funny! And that puppy would have tempted me, too!

    And Detroit is too cold right now! Brrr. It is supposed to get a little warmer later in the week.

    I love your list!

  8. Glad you didn't get in the wreck. Had a pedicure once, AWESOME. Who'd have thought a foot massage would feel so blissful!!! A friend just got a Pyr pup, soooo adorable.


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