Saturday, January 7, 2012

Perfect Perch

The birds were not as delighted with 
Mama Boots' new perch as she was!

Mama Boots can't understand
why all the birds have left!


  1. "Was it something I said? Do I have bad breath or did I forget to use my MamaBoots deodorant? I'm a cat. Cats rule- and DON"T use deodorant. Silly birds! Who needs 'em!"

  2. Hello! And thanks for these two photographs of a cat caught in the awkward situation of having gotten up there and not wanting to admit that getting down is a little harder!

    How well I remember when Dulcy, the cat with whom I lived for 17 and a half years, went high, higher, highest into a tree and stayed there for two days and three nights. Finally--this was years ago--I called the fire department and they came and rescued her. Trees didn't appeal so much after that!



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