Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Sun" Day

It was a beautiful day for a ride. 
The sun was shining and the temperature was in the 50's. 
I decided it would be a great day 
to take the horses to a nearby equestrian park. 

But, before I could go to the park I needed to load the horses....
And before I could load the horses I needed to hitch the trailer....
But before I could hitch the trailer I needed to move some snow....
And before I could move the snow (with dear hubby's help) we needed more fuel....

But... we accomplished all that and I made it to the park. The park has three outdoor arenas and the one I chose to ride in had about 3 inches of snow over most of it, but the sandy footing underneath was perfect. It wasn't frozen and it wasn't overly slushy. There was one other family using the facilities. They had two Arabians and a darling Shetland pony. The Arabians and my Haflingers made quite a contrast!

I rode both horses and realized just how out of shape all of us are! Poor Doc was huffing and puffing after trotting around a bit. I wasn't much better! But... it felt good (well, at least until the next day!) It was great to get out and to have a place to ride with decent footing. I think we all felt better about the world after our outing.


  1. Sounds awesome! And those are two handsome Haflingers!

  2. Hope you get to do that more often. I finally have a hitch on my truck, now I need to insure my horse trailer and haul to the local arena.

  3. Isn't in amazing how much work goes into an outing like that. But it is so rewarding to get out and ride. Glad you took advantage of the "Sun Day". It didn't last long, did it? Gray and cold here most of the day. Now...just really, really cold. But I hear more sun days may be in the forecast. Fingers crossed.

  4. Yeah, you'll be sore alright. But, a kind of sore that brings a smile to your face

  5. You need a riding buddy!!! I'm longing for a ride too. Seems like every chance that I have weather is not cooperative.

    Sore? That's a sore I welcome!

  6. "Yay!" for decent footing, and "Yay!" for getting to ride!

  7. Dear Cyndi,
    Good to learn that the horses are "Haflingers." Now I can look that up and discover more. The day sounded wonderful--all that work and then getting to ride the horses, despite everyone being out of condition. Thank you for the photograph of the horse carrier and the two Haflingers.


  8. Sounds like a good time was had by all! Is this the place that you called and they were taking their sweet time about calling you back? :)


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