Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Day

What am I gonna do today?
So, how did I do yesterday?

I love being retired because I can ask myself this question every morning and with a few exceptions, I'm not restricted by timetables established by other folks. This is also so 'me'. I'm not a goals person. I have a difficult time looking ahead and planning huge goals. I fleetingly think about future things, but I don't commit to them. So... since I don't have goals, I may not get 'there'... wherever 'there' is! But, since I hadn't planned on getting 'there', I don't realize I haven't made it!

So, hmmmm, today??? What shall I do?

Well, of course, the first thing I do is check out blogs. I read and respond to blog posts of my friends. Some days that can be all-consuming. Some days I have to stop myself from hunkering down with the computer instead of doing some delightful thing, like.... laundry!
I did check out some blogs while drinking my coffee, I did leave some comments and returned a few messages to folks who had commented on my blog. And yes, I did a load of laundry! Oh... and I even put it away!

See the clutter that needs to be gone?

I have to clean the house up just a bit. It's in pretty decent shape, and I did vacuum Tucker hair yesterday, but I have blogger friends coming for breakfast so I need to take care of some of the clutter and dust. Oh, yes, one or the other of us will post about that, I'm sure!
I swept the floors and cleaned off most of the kitchen counter. You know, I love having a kitchen with lots of counter space BUT.... there is so much more space to pile junk! A pile starts here... I get used to having it and it stays there. Then another pile starts! It seems to multiply as quickly as rabbits! Speaking of rabbits - we are overrun. Hubby and I though if we put wire around the front and back porches, then it might discourage the rabbits from living here and they might go 'there'! It wasn't on my list, but I did put some wire up, at least temporarily around the back porch. I didn't really want to crawl under the porch and have to fuss with cutting the wire to fit where there wasn't much space, so on one end the wire is just tacked up on the outside. Yeah, tacky, isn't it?!

I have three seams to finish on the second duvet I'm making for the bedroom. It seems that hubby and I don't see eye to eye about sleeping. Well of course we don't, he lies on his left side and I'm on my right - so we see cheek to cheek! He likes to sleep 'cool' and I like to sleep 'hot'...

Gershwin knew what he was talking about... but he could have added something about blankets, don't you think?

You say eether and I say either,
You say neether and I say neither,
Eether, eyether, neether, nyther,
Let's call the whole thing off!
You like light blankets and I like the heavies,
You like foreign cars and I like Chevies,
light ones, heavy ones, foreign cars, Chevies!
Let's call the whole thing off!

We hit upon a solution a few years ago on a cruise. The cruise line saves on the laundry they have to keep on hand by using only twin comforters. If the beds are singles, voila, they have a twin comforter on each. If they push the beds together to make a queen; voila, they have two twin comforters, one on each side! So we have tried sleeping, each with our own comforter; his is a thinner down, mine's a bit thicker! We are both satisfied! 
They are finished... and washed.... and on the bed! 

I better get going, here, or I won't get anything accomplished! So... what else?

Ah, the paddocks. It snowed on Wednesday - need I say more?


They are clean - well, maybe not as clean as the "breast of the new fallen snow" - I never thought of snow as having breasts, but, Clement C. Moore evidently did. Well, you know guys, they are always thinking of... I won't say it here, children might be reading!

I need to get the last little bits of Christmas put away. I have wrapping paper detritus to be put away upstairs and a few odds and ends that need to go in the storage area in the basement. 
Done - Well, except while cleaning up the counters I found another Christmas plate that had been lost in the piles of stuff. So, it'll go down later. Oh, and I still have garland on the railings of my porch and lights in a few trees. Maybe I should consider leaving the lights up to start a new tradition of Easter lights. What do you think?

I have a bit more laundry to do. But that's something that can fit in between other things. 
Laundry is never ending. I mean really, something is always dirty!

I'd love to have some 'hands on' time with the horses. I'm not sure if the footing will be decent for a ride, but I can at least do a bit of grooming and remind them that our relationship is more than my shoveling food their way!
:(  Other than petting them, and shooing them away while they tried to help me clean the paddock, they had a day of leisure. Put petting and hugging is good, too. Good for my soul at any rate.

Shooing away isn't particularly effective. Especially with Pippin. He has to get his nose in everything. So, here is my solution for getting them out of the paddock and out of my way! 

I have a meeting to go to this evening. Someone pushed my hand up when the Driving Society asked for someone from the floor to join the Board. I swear I didn't want to do it. I said I wouldn't do it. But then it happened, and my hand was in the air. How the heck does that happen? But, the good news is that the meeting is near the feed store, so I can stop and get more of the supplement I like to feed the horses. 

Oh, and the meeting includes dinner. I'm bringing toppings for chili - so I need to grate the cheese, cut onions, etc.
Got onions chopped, cheese grated, stopped and bought some taco chips and crumbled those. Juice from the onions leaked out of the pretty little bowls I put them in, so now my bag and possibly my car smells of onion. Don't you love how sometimes getting one thing done causes you to have to do something else. Ugh!

Well, let's see how the day goes. I'll take some pictures as I go along, and post this after the fact.
So the day went well. The meeting went long. I did get find some time to read. And then, suddenly, the day was over and it was time for bed. Geesh, where does the time go?! 

Well, here it is, another morning. I need to get things ready for my breakfast with my blogger buddies.

One of my favorite principals used to end her morning announcements by saying, "Have a busy and productive day." I always liked that, and I always try to do that myself!

Another of my favorites is Kalidasa's poem entitled "Salutation to the Dawn".  My favorite quote from the poem:
Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,
And every tomorrow a vision of hope!
Look well, therefore, to this day.

I hope you have a great day!


  1. That is quite of list of things to get done. Sounds more like work than retirement:) I would enjoy hugging the horses too. I agree it is good for the soul. Enjoy your blogging buddy visit.

  2. You had a productive day! Oh I would go riding if I were you..but if it isn't safe..then I would just stand there and pet them:)

  3. I love being retired too but it seems I have more things to do! One of the things that I miss is reading blogs so my resolution is to try to post and comment more often. I had to laugh on the comforter comment because that's what my hubby and I do and have done for about 20 of our 26 years of marriage.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful day! I'm 35 years old...not exactly "retired." haha...but since we homeschool the boys, and I quit my part time job, well...I kinda wake up each day and ask myself the same question. And yes...go out and play with the horses, even if that doesn't mean "riding time." Have you ever read any of the "trick training" books? I plan to teach the two ponies we have as training projects some tricks. I think it helps develop a better relationship between me/my son and the ponies, plus, it's a fun thing to do inside a stall on a yucky, wet, cold day. Have a great one! ~Beth

  5. Hello, I have to tell you that I'm tired just from reading your posting. You accomplished so much in an unplanned day. A productive day. A day well lived as the poem said. For myself, retired now ten years, I get little done each day, just enough to fill my gratitude journal at night.


  6. Golly, you are busy. I was thrilled to have a snow day on Wed. so I was able to clean the bathrooms. LOL
    We have a bit of snow here and I'm ok with it! It's about time, really!
    Have a good weekend!

  7. I would like to order a large serving of ambition! Sounds like a very successful day.


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