Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's All In the Genes

Recently another Blogger, Anna Blake, put up a delightful post about the equestrienne and beauty. (I notice that no one is asking me about beauty tips). That got me thinking about my fashion habits and my daily regime. Since we are all about beauty, I thought I'd share some of them with you.

First, have your noticed it's all in the genes... I mean, it's all about the jeans?

I have seen girls who have spent big bucks for jeans like these... and all I did was acquire the jeans .... oh, about 12 years ago!  I've followed the fashion trend all along! OK, I admit, the jeans the girls are wearing now a days are a bit tighter. Well, let's face it, they are skin tight.  I'm half way there, the upper half! I just don't seem to gain weight below my knees, no matter how much I try!

Then there is makeup. Have you seen the new BareMinerals or BareEscentuals makeup? If you have a horse you don't even have to bother. We were bucking the trend years ago. Just what do you think your face looks like after you have brushed your dear dobbin? And, furthermore, just what do you think is on your face? A fine dusting of the finest minerals around, guaranteed to leave your face with an even-toned matte finish!

Alright, how about the nails? You can spend big bucks for a manicure.

You can even pay extra money for them to put white paint on the tips of your nails. Heck, black may be going out of favor now, but for years it was all about black... and why not on the tips, or under the tips, of your nails? Oh, and since long fingernails just aren't my thing, they are broken and worn, that line of black isn't too overpowering! But to be truthful, I'd rather spend the money for hooficures than for prettying up my fingers!

Finally.... fake fur is in vogue, as are items made of interesting fuzzy fibers. We're there. Just wear fleece to the barn during shedding season and you will have a fashionable jacket that will be the envy of all of your non-horsey friends!

But, if you are really interested in changing up your appearance, consider the following:

What fashion tips or trends do you have to share?


  1. What about a refreshing facial spray from a horse snorting in your face! So clarifying!

    I love your fashion tips! So true and so funny! I am cracking up over here and my co worker is giving me strange looks. . .

  2. I am guilty!! I do not leave the house without eyeliner and lipstick on...ever. And, I get regular manicures. I admit that my face receives a nice coating of dust while grooming and my nails require a good cleaning afterwards. But I can't do without my beautification! :-) I am so totally envious that you can fit into jeans you bought 12 years ago!!!!

  3. Ah yes, how could I forget the refreshing spritzer, which can also be put to use as a volumizing spray for your hair.
    Oh, and Wolfie, maybe the reason I still have the jeans (which were actually given to me, used.... I didn't even buy them) is because for many years I couldn't fit into them! I do the yo-yo thing, so the jeans have had an extended 'shelf' life now and then!

  4. I am so bad, now that I'm retired I have to remember to do my face!!


  5. I often wear braids in my hair... I've been told that they look very 'equestrian' on me (by someone who didn't know that I rode); little did she know I use braids to avoid constant helmet-hair! And the sweat (mine and the horse), a bit of booger snort, and who knows what else are better than any gel or hair spray on the shelves at the market! :)

  6. Dreaming. . .there's an award for you on my blog! :)

  7. So true!
    You forgot about the "health benefits" of horse ownership...all that fresh air, mixed with "horse dust" is good for ya! =)

  8. My fashion tip is double sunscreen. Apply sunscreen, then do chores. The dust you stir up will stick to your sunscreen, giving you a lovely double layer of protection.

    Terry at Moondance (dang that blogger bug!)

  9. All those wonderful horse ownership benefits - nothing like it. Oh how I miss living on the farm and having those beautiful creatures to take care of. Lots of work, but so worth every moment.


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