Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Triple Threat

Doc here, I've changed my mind about wearing window screens. I guess I was narrow minded and had the wrong point of view. (Pretty good guy, aren't I, to be so honest and such a flexible thinker?!) I think that Camryn is on to something. (Oh, and did I mention that I think she is sweet on me?!) She commented on Pippin's post about wearing window screens. She calls her sheet a 'cape' and suggested that we become a triplet of super heros in our super hero capes. We could become a herd of Super Hero Haflingers! Sure, I'll even let Camryn be the 'boss hero'. It was her idea, after all! (Another example of my being a good guy, don't you think?!) So I'm rethinking what I'm wearing; they're not window screens, or even mundane fly sheets they  are super hero capes! Ta-daaa! You know, it's all a matter of perspective!

We could avenge all of the wrongs in the world. We could make sure that all horses have hay. We could disrupt horse sales where horses are being sold for.... well, I can't even mention it because it makes me so sad. We could distract bad owners who are mistreating their horses, and by our distraction, allow the abused horse to run away. Oh, we could do so much! 

Triple Threat Haflinger Heros.... why we could have a secret hoof stomp and whinny! We could become famous. We could have our own reality TV show!

Hmmmm... I like Camryn's idea.... 

Imagine the possibilities!


  1. Hey, dont leave Shy out!! She may not have a window screen, but she will wear a tarp, lol. The fabulous Four!

  2. Camryn:
    Oh how awesome. I really like how you expanded on my idea & gave us a credible job to fufill, "brilliant". Don't I look pretty in pink!!! Logo is truly the bomb. I'm kinds bored here with Mom down and out. I'm thinking of getting my hero gear together and flying on over to visit with you guys. Shy is welcome to join me...

  3. Thise 2 boys need 2 lovely ladies to accompany them on their super hero mission!
    Mission 1 - Find all the hay in the world and stock pile it so they can have a continuous supply whenever they want. Although, then they might not be able to fit their "capes" or fly. . .

  4. I L O V E This idea Doc!!!!! If you need a PR Director or a Secretary or a Groomer or whatever, I'm there!!!

  5. Ok. It's official. Now you have to get 'TTHH' embroidered on their window sheets...ahhhh...super hero capes!



  6. definitely a childrens book!

  7. I think you should definitely team up with SuperShadow and Blankie. We're talking nationwide possibilities here (ha).
    I did actually make up a story for Shadow's...couldn't help myself (it's here if you're interested: Blankie's Story ;o) *laugh*


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