Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hay-ay-ay There! or Fence Follies #1

The story you are about to read is true; the names have not even been changed to protect the innocent guilty!

This is the documented drama of an actual crime.

[Cue Dragnet music]

Sunday, October 2. It was sunny and warm in the pasture. Mrs. Owner was not doing anything constructive, as she was distracted by reading blogs while sitting at the kitchen table.  She didn't need a detective to work day watch with her. Because.....

Hay-ay-ay there! Nay-ay-ay! 
Mrs. Owner!
Hay-ay-ay there!  
It's me, Doc.
I'm here, by the fence.


Pippin's torn down the wire that protected the new grass. He's in that place with the wonderful green grass.....again! He's where he shouldn't be.

Pippin! Get out of there! Bad boy! 
You've torn down the fence 
.... again.
Shooo! Out!

Doc, did you have to rat on me?
Tattle tale, tattle tale!
Hope you step on a rusty nail!
You are nothing but a goody-goody four shoes. 
You ruined everything.
Now my Mrs. Owner has put the fence back up
and all I can do is stare at that 
mouth watering, 
green grass. 


I hate you, Doc! 
I'm not gonna play with you ever again!


  1. Very well told story, complete with drawings, narration, poetry and rhythm:)

  2. There never a dull moment with those two!

  3. I love the drawings and the story! Pippin is too funny. . .and Doc, he is funny, too, but in a different way.
    Tell Pippin not to hate Doc! That is not nice. :)

  4. Poor poor Pippin- foiled again!

  5. Poor boy! He only wants to nibble green things before they dissapear for another season! Doc could have kept quite a little longer. Enjoyed your videos in the previous post. How funny. He wasn't phased at all with all the construciton noise was he?

  6. haha- funny how we know EXACTLY what our horses would say if they could speak words! love it- and the drawings! Corinna

  7. Hey Pippin and Doc, come check out Shy's blog, youv'e won and award! Who'd of thunk? :D


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