Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Touch of Class!

A Dressage Round with More Than A Touch of Class

I fell in love with this Haflinger and his 'oh-so-cool' young rider.  These outtakes were posted by Behind the Bit who commented about the "talented but sometimes naughty pony skillfully piloted around the ring." She graciously allowed me to share the pictures on my blog. 

What cuties, both the Haffie and his rider! 
Just look at her composure! 

It looks like the Haflinger is having a bit of fun!
And, despite his naughtiness, 
he is somewhat responsive to his rider -
he is staying inside the dressage ring!


  1. I love those pics....what a beautiful horse!

    Michelle @ Farmers Wifey x

  2. Cute Haffie! I used to jump a Belgian. Fortunately, it wasn't as fisky. I was younger then, so maybe it wouldn't have mattered as much either! I have something small that will actually, FINALLY, get mailed to you and I just missed the mailman because I was helping to watch a neighbor's pet. What do you do with someone like me??? Life has been SO busy lately. I guess the saying "Better late than never" fits well.

  3. Not a fun ride! Naughty boy. But cute.

  4. That's one sticky rider!


  5. WONDERFUL! I loved the whole expereince...beautiful the whole way.


  6. My Mum rides a Halflinger...Peggy Sue....she's a pistol too! She's gone back to the breeders to learn how to drive. Should make for good adventures when she comes back home.

  7. Sassy pony!! They have a mind of their own. . .and his was not down with dressage that day, it seems! He sure is beautiful, though! And good for her for staying on and staying calm!

  8. I know several sassy Haflingers of my own...

  9. Wheeeeeee! That Haffie looks like he is having a ball. What a cutie!

  10. Well, we all know I'd have come off in that 2nd photo don't we LOL

  11. What a fun blog! Love these pics (they remind me of Naughty Ed) and couldn't agree more with Doc on his diatribe on snow... I'll be back soon!


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