Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beans, Beans....

I found this in our garage.
So, what does one do with 4 gallons of beans?
(And why, do you suppose, someone would have had
this item in their garage?!)
In the mode of 'simplify' I tossed them.

Oh, darn, a missed opportunity.
I could have made bunches of batches 
of Cowboy Bubble Bath!

What is Cowboy Bubble Bath, you ask? Cowboy bubble bath is a small bag of dried beans with a tag that says Cowboy Bubble Bath illustrated with some sort of cute cowboy type picture, perhaps a pot of beans cooking over a camp fire. The instructions are written on the other side of the tag. They say: Cook and eat one hour before bathing!! I also added, Eat more for more abundant bubbles...

This makes a cute gag gift. I made them one year for a craft fair and gave them to my friends.

To make them simply buy a bag of beans - any variety will do (oh, and you don't need 4 gallons of beans unless you want to make lots and lots of packages!). Use some snack size ziplock bags, or something similar. Craft a label and print it on card stock. The one I used is shown below. Put some beans in the baggie, fold and staple the tag on the top, and you have a cute stocking stuffer for family and friends.

What does the small print say, you ask? 
The original version had a copyright symbol with the universal 'not' slash over it. (This did not 'translate' from MS Word to Mac Pages.)
The text says: Ripped-off idea from another crafter who attempted to create a juvenile, inane, impractical, inexpensive gift. My apologies to the original artist(?) for reproducing this no-so-original craft. But what the heck...someone out there may think this is cute and others have likely never received Cowboy Bubble Bath as a gift before! I also included the source for the artwork.  

So, in the spirit with which I created this, if you'd like to use my label, go ahead. I'll even send you a more word-friendly version if you email me and ask for it!


  1. I really don't like how Blogger has created a slide show with the photos when a photo is clicked on. I'm not able to enlarge a photo anymore, so I can't see the small text.
    But seriously. That's just silly.
    The "Cowboy Bubble Bath" gag gift has been around for many years. I remember it when I was around 8 years old, the beans being passed around at Christmas. lol!

    Around here, pinto beans are a staple and are grown locally. We even have a Pinto Bean Fiesta every Fall in Moriarty, just about 15 minutes from our house. To make sure those beans wouldn't cause a cowboy bubble bath, folks in our area would have taken those beans, soaked 'em for 24 hours with a bit of baking soda, And then rinsed off the liquid very well, and then cooked up a huge pot of flavorful beans with green chile. Mmm! Comfort food!


  2. This is a very cute idea. As we get our shop going, I may borrow your idea but will give you credit, is that okay?


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