Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We had hooficures today. 
We have a new hoof guy. 
He says he's a barefoot specialist. 
That was weird cause he wasn't barefoot 
at all, he was wearing boots.

Doc, you are so stupid. 
It doesn't mean the guy is 
supposed to be barefoot, 
it means he specializes in 
trimming our hooves in a 
special way so they will be 
stronger and we won't need shoes.

Well, duh! When was the last time
either you or I had shoes on? 
I've been barefoot basically forever. 
Anyway, specialist smeshialist
You can see me in my stall. 
Do I look impressed? 
Most definitely not! 

The barefoot guy says he really 
does cure all kinds of things by 
slowing changing the angle of the 
hoof. He even gets down on his 
hands and knees to look at the view 
of our lovely hooves from the ground. 

What a silly guy. I mean if you've
seen one hoof, you've seen 'em all.

The hoof guy worked on Pippin's hooves first. 
He thought Pippin's heels were a bit long 
and that his frog wasn't getting enough 
contact with the ground. 

What 'cha doing back there? That tickles!

He uses an electric grinder. 
He says it creates less torque than a rasp.... 
but he does use one of those at times, too. 
After his second visit he said my hooves 
looked great and I could be on 
'maintenance' visits. Pippin still needs 
some corrective trimming. 
Ha ha on you, Pippin! 

I wouldn't start getting all high and mighty.
After all, which one of us did he say was
probably the smartest? You... 
who just stood there like a lump, or me?

I was being good! I was letting him do
his job. I wasn't trying to mouthe his
tools and taste the electric cord and
sniff his pockets. 
What he actually said was 
some horses who exhibit a lot of curiosity 
are smart. I think he's on to something.... 
You are smart.
A smart a$$ that is!

Sticks and stones might break my bones
But names will never hurt me! 


  1. I love Pippin'c curiosity and silliness and Doc's calmness and wisdom! They make quite the pair!

  2. Camryn here:
    Well, if being curious means smartness then I am a genius hee hee. I bet Mr. Trimmer appreciated Doc being good better than Pippin being smart!!!
    I have a barefoot trimmer too, only she's a gurl!!!
    She's never mentioned my genius, though she has commented on my being a Haflinger!! Same thing right?

  3. Agreed! Haflinger=genius!

    Shy has a barefoot trimmer, too! She just got a new one, comes out next week!

  4. Your Doc and Pippin are gorgeous! And wow, quite the witty conversationalists, too! :-)
    How frequent will the "maintenance" trims be?

    (Thanks for your nice comment over at my blog!)


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