Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Hundred Bales of Hay...

One hundred bales of hay on the wall.
A hundred bales of hay!
Take one down
Feed it around
Ninety-nine bales of hay on the wall!

We had 44 more bales of hay delivered and stacked :) a few weeks ago. We now have 100 bales...well, OK, I took one down and opened 99 bales in the garage end of the barn. 

We have another 106 bales in the run-in... under our lovely Lumber Liquidator's tarp. I bet the neighbors are happy that we moved the pile off of the trailer where the lovely tarp was visible by all!

That ought to last until first cutting - 10.3 months! It is a nice feeling to know that I have the basics for my boys for that long. 

Hay is going crazy around here. I overheard one of the Amish horse traders at the auction asking about hay. There is no hay available where he lives - none of the farmers in that area were able to hay their fields at all; fields that usually produce three cuttings of high quality grass hay. Much of the hay that has been cut in our area is heading to Texas. The northeast lost hay due to flooding and rain. It's going to be a scary year. The horse traders at the auction have noticed a drop in sales of horses and mules as folks consider the difficulty of feeding another mouth. 

Our farrier has gone into the hay business. He is concerned that his clients will forego trimming to feed their horses. Or worse, sell their horses because they can't get hay. Or 'worsetest', starve their horses. He arranged for several truck loads of hay and has resold it to his clients. Smart move! Take care of the clients, and make a bit on the hay besides!


  1. Plenty of good hay in Canada. Send a semi up for a load!

  2. Bet it feels good to know you've got a barn full of hay. The shortage is very scary that's for sure.

  3. Interesting that it hadn't crossed my mind that hay could be scarce but it makes perfect sense now that I give it some thought... hope you've got enough to sustain your hungry mouths for the winter... love that muzzle shot too BTW!

  4. It's being trucked into Oklahoma just like Texas. Big round bales are selling for $120! Our boys were blessed to pay the price they did last year for their cattle and our horses. We're not telling anyone around here that though. It must be nice to have it stored away in the barn!

  5. I bet Pippin and Doc are happy to have all that hay! We are lucky that our barn is well stocked, too. I hope there is enough hay for ALL the horses to go around, it will be scary if there is not.

  6. Hay is low here, too. Many only got one or two cuttings compared to the usual bountiful three cuttings.

    I also heard a lot of our hay is going to Texas for a very high price.

    The horse market has been depressed here for a long time.

    That is great looking hay!

  7. That explains why I saw so many skinny draft horses at the auction. Many had a lot of ribs showing.

    Glad you have your hay. I agree, it is comforting to know you can feed through the winter.


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