Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lovely Blog and Welcome

My blog received the "One Lovely Blog" award.... from three different bloggers! Wow! Do you realize how nice that makes me feel? Evidently there are real people (at least three of them!) out there that like to read what I write. In fact, I have two new followers I'd like to welcome:
Sheryl, author of ain't for city gals, began following my dreamy adventures a few weeks ago. Sheryl loves camping and renovates vintage campers! I would love to go off camping in a trailer, or a motor home.... but with the horses that becomes a bit impractical. Corinna is my other new follower. She writes a blog that is intriguing to me, Ribbons and Red Tape. Corinna has graduated from Law School and is awaiting her Bar Exam results. She writes about horses and laws specific to the equine world. Her posts are very interesting!

Anyway, back to the award... Thanks for thinking of me and appreciating my blog:

 Wolfie from What Was I Thinking
Allison from Adventures With Shyloh 
Minus Pride who writes a blog with that title. 

I am to pass this Lovely Blog Award on to 15 other bloggers. That is tough! All of the blogs I follow are lovely. Many of the blogs I follow have received the award. But, I will choose 15...if I must!

My first two choices are for blogs I love reading... and both bloggers are facing some tough medical times. They are both lovely people with great spirit, incredible strength and beautiful blogs. Prayers to you...oh, and if you don't follow the 'rules' of the award - I understand. That's fine with me! Just enjoy it!

And on to other Lovely blogs that truly deserve this award for Lovely bloggers take the time to put up beautiful posts! I look forward to learning from you every day!

Hmmm this last blog ought to count for 8 awards 
since the site has eight authors writing wonderful posts!

OK...finally, I have to tell seven things about myself. Now, that should be easy, since I love to talk and write... but gee, golly... only 7?!

  1. I'm feeling old :-(    I'm not happy that my hands hurt... and now my feet hurt. I am a very, very active person. I am on my feet almost all day (except when I'm sitting here blogging!) and I hate that my feet let me down. So... sometimes I do get that wee little pity violin out and play a sad song!
  2. I am a huge fan of therapeutic riding. I have been involved with therapeutic riding programs for over 10 years. I have just signed up to volunteer at another center in this area - so now I will be at one center on Monday's and another on Wednesday's. If you've never seen a program like this, and you care for kids or horses, it is a  'must see' and maybe a 'must do'!
  3. I am a 'do-it-yourself' kind of gal. I like getting down and dirty: painting, building, tiling, digging in the dirt. Love it all! I also sew and currently I am working on getting some window treatments up in the house... but they often always take a back seat to the outdoors when the weather is nice!
  4. My Dad lives 21 miles from my new home. I try to visit him several times a week. He just turned 90 and his girlfriend just moved into his apartment with him! Oops... this isn't exactly about me! OK... so sometimes his mind isn't as sharp as it was - that's where I come in. I have to work with helping him remember and understand some things. It can be tough! I started a blog about my experiences... but I haven't been a great blogger on that one - trying to get better. That blog is Driving My Dad if you care to visit!
  5. I had terrible allergies as a kid. I was allergic to just about every grass. For a while the doctor suggested that I stay in a room with a special air purifier when the pollen count was high. You can just imagine how I felt about that! I did play with my Breyer horses then... a lot! When I was 12 I revolted. I wanted to learn to ride a horse. My mom, wise lady that she was, figured I was old enough to suffer the consequences. If I had terrible allergic reactions from being out at a barn - so be it! I began taking a weekly lesson and learned the basics. Loved those lesson days! I think the repeated exposure to all things allergic actually helped me overcome my allergies! 
  6. My husband is the last male in his family line. His grandfather told him he had to have seven sons to carry on the name. I tried! I had seven pregnancies but many miscarriages that just about tore my life apart. But, I do have two wonderful sons. I am so proud of both of them. They are truly the light of my life. Just watch my face when either of them calls! One guy, my oldest, lives in San Francisco. He seems to be living a wonderful life - I hope it continues! My 'baby' is in college about 40 miles from us. He is very busy, but does stop by on occasion. 
  7. You know that T-shirt about so many books and not enough time to read? I feel that way about life. There is sooooo much out there that I want to do - and time just gets away from me!


  1. I love your #2!! I did volunteer once for a therapeutic riding program (with Haflingers!!) Pretty Pony Pastures, but it is 90 miles one way, so it is not feasible to do it weekly, like I want.

    Keep up the good work, I love hearing about Pippin and Docs adventures!

  2. I love your blog too! Congrats on the award!! You deserve it!!

  3. Your 90-year-old father's girlfriend just moved in with him?? I love it!! :-) So nice to get to know you better. Your blog list has some unfamiliar names, so I am looking forward to exploring!

  4. I commented, but amg having computer issues and I don't see it here. SO....
    I was saying Thanks for thinking of me when you passed on the blog award. I'm touched that you enjoy my blog so much! And I enjoyed reading the 7 things about you! Always fun to get a peak into the lives of the people we're getting to know through the blogs. We so often blog about what we're doing, but not so much about our inner selves.

  5. Thank you so very much. I am honored by your award.

  6. Congrats on the award! #7 sums up things for so many of us who have retired. Isn't it wonderful that we'll always have a "to do/to read" list?!!!


  7. Thanks, Dreaming!
    You are not old! You are a sweet young thing!

  8. Cyndi,

    Thank you so much. Despite the fact that we don't get over here to visit as much as we'd like, I love your blog - and love what you do with therapeutic riding. Hugs to Doc and Pippin.

  9. Thanks for the award! I like your blog too! :)

  10. thank you for mentioning me and my blog! I do know how it feels, wondering if anyone out there reads or enjoys the posts we spend so much time on. At the end of the day 1. I do it for myself and 2. I know my mother reads and loves each post ;)

  11. Congrats on the award....I didn't know you had already gotten it...and gave it to you again. lol!

    I enjoyed learning some new things about you :)



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