Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Man's Trash

Why is it that the men in my life are less than impressed with the treasures I found at the auction? I thought I had come away with some great goodies!

Here are some cute, horse head bridle hooks. I think they are a lot classier looking than the colored ones I can get at the feed store (and heaps better than the tuna fish cans my friend and I nailed up in her tack room years ago!). Tucker didn't particularly care for them. He sniffed them and walked away. Did I detect that his nose was turned up a bit?! Would he have shown such disdain if the hooks were dog heads??

Then there are the saddle racks. I waited at least an hour for the auctioneers to get around to the spot with the saddle racks. I hung around while they auctioned off barrels, piles of old harness, a broken weedeater, a box of horse brushes, a set of salt and pepper shakers held by a rattle snake made out of resin, and more. I didn't once nod my head or lift my hand. I refrained from bidding on lots of interesting things. (Oh, but it was hard to resist the salt and pepper shakers! I had to tuck my hands deep into my pockets! I know just the person I could have gifted them to!) The saddle racks looked like nice, heavy duty racks. There were three of them and I just happen to have three saddles. It was meant to be. Hubby shrugged his shoulders a bit. I may have also noticed one eyebrow lifted... you know, that questioning look?!

Then, who could resist this charming hose rack? I wasn't going to bid on it, honest, I wasn't. But I certainly couldn't let the other lady walk away with it for only $2.50! I had to one-up her for sure. And I had actually looked at it earlier and decided it was cute, even if I just use the humming birds as a decorative plaque someplace! Hubby was even less excited about this than he was about the saddle racks!

And finally, the wearable window screens! Sure, fly season is basically over... but the flies will be back next year. I think the boys look stunning in their new fly sheets. But, alas, another male faction that appears to be less than impressed. Pippin's only interest was to see if they were edible. Sigh....


  1. It's the shopping gene. Don't try to deny it.

  2. Wow! What a bunch of great deals!
    And two matching new looking fly sheets at an auction? They surely were meant for Doc and Pippin!


  3. Tell hubby to be careful with that shoulder shrugging and eyebrow lifting. I've been to auctions where that's a bid!
    Terry at Moondance

  4. I would love an auction like that!!! Just the things I can use.

  5. Great finds!!! Love the bridle hooks! Make great coat hooks too =)

  6. You did well! Love your finds, especially the hose rack - how adorable! He's probably just jealous that he didn't find them - LOL.

  7. I love your finds. I think the guys just do not get into finding great, usable items for some much less than retail. My husband does the eyebrow thing to me all the time when we go the auctions together.
    C&C Animals and Antiques

  8. wow you have done very well. I also love going to auctions and little knick knack shops to find some gems, my husband, also doesn't understand!!

    Michelle @ Farmers Wifey

  9. wow you have done so well. I also love auctions and knick knack shops and my husband doesn't understand what I love about this!!

    Michelle at Farmers Wifey

  10. Not having a horse I don't know what most of that stuff is used for, but I do know my Shug rolls his eyes a lot at what I bring home. I think Pippin and Doc looks stunning, with or without coats!

    Cindy Bee


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