Friday, October 7, 2011

Agitated Haffies

It is readily apparent that the beehive of activity....

does not upset the horses too darn much!

And just for a bit of contrast,
here is the same shot
just 12 hours later!

Yes, fall has arrived....
snowfall that is!


  1. It looks like you live in and amazing horse community.

  2. Brave Haffies...or is that the grass just tasted too darn good to get distracted?

    Boo on the snow. We got some, too. Noone believes me when I tell them that Autumn only lasts a couple weeks in the mountains...even in New Mexico!


  3. Pretty chill!

  4. Snow!!!! Oh, my goodness, we still have a garden growing.

    Just more proof of how wonderful Haflingers are.

  5. Oh no! Not SNOW! Yuck. I'm sorry, that probably came from Canada, I can't take it back though. Great videos :)

  6. Nooooooo....... it's too early for snow!

  7. snow, what?? I didn't know it was cold enough yet to turn the early rains into snow! oh well, on the positive side.... bring on the ski slopes!


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