Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bryce Canyon National Park

Whereas Zion National Park was best seen from inside the canyon, 
most of Bryce Canyon, Utah is best viewed from above. 

My first view of Bryce took my breath away. 
One might think it was due to the brisk wind blowing in my face, 
with a bit of snow pelting me, 
but no, 
it was the expanse and beauty of the place.

As we drove from viewpoint to viewpoint, 
we experienced snow squalls and sunshine. 

But the racing clouds alternating with brilliant blue skies brought their own sort of beauty to the grandeur of the knobby spires, called 'hoodoos'.

Although Bryce and Zion are only about 70 miles apart, they are millions of years apart as far as their geology is concerned. Zion is comprised of older rock formations (Mesozoic period) created 65 to 225 million years ago, while Bryce's rock was formed from 65 million years ago to more recent times, during the Cenozoic period. (I will be adding a brief post about the geology of this area later.) 

Ebenezer Bryce homesteaded here in 1870, and thus the name originated. Local folks referred to the area as Bryce's Canyon.


  1. Replies
    1. I think I said something to that effect when I first looked down into the canyon. It is truly amazing!

  2. You have now been to three of what I think are the most beautiful places in the world....Zion, Bryce and Angel Canyon...thanks so much for sharing your photos with all of those who might not to get to see them live and in person. I do have to say that your photos are making me homesick for Utah. Might be time for a visit myself.

    1. Now would be a good time to go there... before it gets too hot ;-)
      I was not prepared for the beauty - even having seen other areas of the west. The canyons are stunning.

  3. Their beauty takes your breath away. I looked at both posts.

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those pictures! :)

    1. Yes. Words aren't truly adequate, but the pictures give one a vague idea. Sadly, pictures just don't adequately show the vast openness, the towering walls and the deep gorges.


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