Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holy Smoke Dust

As we came down out of the mountains west of Coachella valley in California, nearing Palm Springs, the blowing sand obscured the landscape.

Mountains disappeared!


This spring seems to have been very windy. There have been days when the motorhome has been rocked back and forth while we have been parked. Today is another one of those days, with sustained winds up to 30 mph, and gusts even higher. Mr. Dreamy has had to contend with winds while driving on occasion... well, actually on almost every occasion we have had to drive! Our new motorhome handles much better in the wind, but there have been some gusts that have knocked us for a bit of a loop.

As we drove into Palm Desert, CA the wind was howling. Sand was blowing across the road through holes in the concrete road construction barriers, creating small sand drifts that were torn apart and thrown back into the wind by the cars passing by. The desert scrub along the side of the road had collected small sand drifts on the lee side of each plant struggling to get a foothold in the arid landscape. We were glad to get off the highway and get parked in a campground with some trees that provided a bit of shelter.


  1. I like this! It reminds me of one time we went to visit the faces in South Dakota and they were gone! Until, the fog began to drift away! So wonderful.

    1. That must have been an amazing experience. I love the fog... when I don't have to drive through it!

  2. It has been really windy here too in our mountains and I'm sure in the desert below. It's no fun riding in the Wranger together because you can't hear each other talk. And it uses up so much more gas when you have to struggle against a wind storm. Sounds like you are having fun though.

    1. We are having fun, but you are right about the gas mileage! Our mpg is terrible, in the best of conditions!


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