Thursday, April 10, 2014

Scene Along the Road: Trowers

I became fascinated with finding 'trowers' along the road.
Can you figure out what a trower is from my pictures?

Most of these were found on I-15 
southwest of Barstow, CA.

Did you find both trowers in this picture?


  1. What is a trower? I didn't get back to you in time to let you know that our desert mountains are the southern tip of the Sierra Nevada. So a higher desert than in the Palm Springs area. The desert here is at 3,000ft. and we are at 4,100ft. I hope you enjoy Las Vegas and have a safe trip home.

  2. I dubbed the word "Trower" from tree and tower. These are all disguised cell towers. I saw one on the way to California, and didn't get a picture of it. So, on the way back, I kept the camera handy and kept my eyes out for the cell towers. It is kinda fun to find them!

  3. Creative way to make something ugly more acceptable! :)


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