Monday, April 21, 2014

Nine Lives

If I come back as a cat, I want to spend at least one of my lives at the Best Friends Animal Society sanctuary in Angel Canyon, UT!

We recently took a tour of the facility (featured on Dogtown several years ago). It is amazing. The sanctuary is located in a drop-dead gorgeous canyon near Kanab, UT. They house about 1900 animals, including, but not limited to, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, birds, and bunnies. Animals with injuries or illnesses are treated. Animals may live out their lives at the sanctuary, or they may be adopted.

The mission of the organization is to save them all. They want to end indiscriminate breeding. They support spay and neuter clinics and the "Big Fix" mobile clinic. They partner with organizations throughout the US to promote "no kill" shelters and programs. They raise funds through activities across the US like "Strut your Mutt", and raise awareness with conferences, adoption events, TV shows and literature. They want to put an end to breed discrimination and puppy mills, and they assist with trap, neuter and return programs for feral cats.

Best Friends offers tours of their facilities and encourage individuals to come and volunteer, even if it is for just a day. Volunteers must attend an informational session before they work with the animals. Volunteers may choose where they want to volunteer and what they'd like to do and the staff or other volunteers assist them. They might clean animal runs, walk dogs or sit with cats. Even the cats get walked, or taken outside in strollers by volunteers. Volunteers help prepare animals for life with a family.

We visited one of several cat houses. Each house has several rooms with exterior play areas. The rooms have all manner of things that cats would like, from snuggly beds to things to climb.

There are 'hidey holes' for cats who want to be alone.
Volunteers make fleece beds and pads, 
and it is evident that the cats appreciate their efforts!

This cat was hiding in a hallway storage closet!

Each room has an outdoor living area as well.

What cat wouldn't love the freedom to climb, sleep,
eat and play? 
In my opinion, this could be cat heaven!

We enjoyed our visit to Kanab and to Best Friends. I would love to go back and spend some time volunteering. Maybe next year!


  1. It is sad that there is need for such a place. If only people would spay or neuter their pets:(

    1. Too true, but sadder yet are the animals at the sanctuary who have been mistreated. We didn't get to see the sad cases, but a friend of Mr. Dreamy's works there in a cat house with the injured and maimed. They have similar areas for dogs. A few of Michael Vicks' dogs are still on site. That's another travesty.

  2. What a cool place!! Kudos to them!

  3. I am so glad you went there. I haven't been, but would love to go, although that's not likely now. I have supported them almost since their beginning and it is amazing what they have done for the animals. I love that organization, it is truly such a wonderful place for poor lost and damaged animals.

    1. Congrats for supporting the facility. They certainly seem to put their money to good use. Everything is top notch! All of the buildings are beautifully maintained and the animals all look happy and healthy. We didn't get to see the really sad cases of abuse, but one of Mr. Dreamy's friends works there and told us some sad stories of animals they have saved that were terribly mistreated.


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