Monday, November 14, 2011

A Week of Mondays

Mondays are usually my busy days. They tend to be booked with things to do all day. This is going to be a week of Mondays. It's one of those weeks. You know, the type of week where just about every minute is filled with something? And then, the following week is Thanksgiving?!! How can it be time for Thanksgiving already?

So, what's going to keep me so busy?

Let's see. Monday I'm going to a coffee/tea get-together in my old neighborhood. I'll get to visit with all of my friends from there and the new owner of my former house. After that I'll do my normal Monday stint at the therapeutic riding center. I'll get home in time to make dinner. No... I don't have to make dinner! Woohoo! We are going to the Fly Fishing Film Tour!

Tuesday I'm doing my new normal stint at the therapeutic riding center closer to my home. From there I go to get my teeth cleaned and then to do some work for my dad. That evening I'm going to Dream Dinners. We went to a community business expo and they were offering a free visit, so I thought I'd see what it is all about. You go to their 'kitchen' and compile one or more meals that you take home and freeze. Have you ever tried it? I'd love to hear what you think.

In the morning on Wednesday I will be up very early. Hubby is having oral surgery and I have to get him to the center by 7:00 AM. While he is undergoing all manner of torture, I am heading to Staples to make copies and collate papers. That will be painful enough for me! Then I get to bring hubby home and pour him into bed... and see to his every need during the day. If he is feeling comfortable, and if I feel comfortable leaving him alone, I'll take Tucker to his Jumps and Tunnels class, where maybe (I'm not holding out too much hope) he won't embarrass me by barking incessantly at the other dogs!

Ah, Thursday. Hmmm, Tucker is going to day care at a program in a private home. We are hoping that this will be where he spends a few days over the Christmas holidays while we are away. The owner also does other animal care and will be coming by to feed and love the horses each day. I will do an afternoon stint at the therapeutic riding center. They were short on volunteers this session so I agreed to fill in. Then, Thursday evening I'm going to a Book Club meeting to discuss Cheap Cabernet.  And, no, I haven't completed the book, so I'll be trying to find some minutes here and there to get that done!

And finally, Friday comes along! I actually don't have a thing on the calendar for the day, yet. But I am hopeful that I can get an appointment for my Dad and take him to see someone to help him with some legal issues.  If the weather is nice I might actually snag some time with the horses! But, that evening I'm trying something else that is new to me. I'm taking a climbing class at the local recreation center! Both my sons participate in climbing. I had the chance to watch my oldest guy doing some climbing when we visited him early this fall. It looks like a lot of fun, yeah, and some hard work! But, that hasn't killed me yet!

My youngest son was excited about my taking some lessons. He has suggested that we all go climbing over the Thanksgiving holidays!

So, that's what is on the calendar for the week, but then I have to sandwich in some other things that I want to finish before Thanksgiving:
  • I want to finish tiling the foyer (there will be a post about that when I do complete the job!) 
  • I have one curtain made for the dining room and think it might look a bit nicer if I had two of them hanging when the family arrives! 
  • We have only hung a few pictures, and the rest are stacked in the dining room. They need to go - either on the walls, or stacked someplace else so we can actually get into the room for our dinner. 
  • Since our oldest son won't be celebrating Christmas with us I'm thinking that I'll do Christmas for the boys and their girls on Thanksgiving. So... I had better get some Christmas shopping finished  and get the gifts wrapped! 
  • And then there's the normal stuff that needs to be done; cleaning, planning meals, preparing guest rooms, shopping.... 

I don't think I'll be bored!

What about you? What is keeping you busy and do you have some fun things going on this week?


  1. My schedule is much, much more appropriate for a retiree than your schedule. Of course, you are younger than I!
    Monday - hair paint & hair cut
    raked leave & planted rye grass in the front yard, which is about 6 times smaller than the back yard
    Tuesday - OLLI class: WAS KARL MARX RIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING?, Part 3 at USCB -South (New River/Okatie)
    Wednesday - meeting our mutual friend Melissa for lunch
    Thursday - OLLI class: TRUTH OF FICTION - YOU BE THE DETECTIVE. Part 2 at USCB - North (Beaufort)
    Friday - TBD

    Of course, I'll need to water the newly planted grass, rake leaves & plant rye grass in the BIG backyard, practice my keyboard for our group practice on Nov. 29th, schedule carpet shampooing (which will involve at least 3 full days of work for me when it is done), read, etc. Regardless of what's on my schedule, it is much, much better than working for BCSD 24/7!! And --- no journaling required! :-)


  2. Holy cow, I thought I was busy!
    Tucker was a star at Tunnels and Jumps. He did it like an old pro.

  3. You will be busy enough for both of us! I just take it one day at a time and see what develops..Fall cleaning..yuck:)


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