Saturday, November 26, 2011

My First Horse

This is the story of yearning; a story of wanting...
or perhaps greed? 
Imagine a pre-adolescent girl - that would be me!
A long, long, long time ago!
Long before the modern 
conveniences of home? 
well, maybe not that long ago!

Like many almost 12 year-old girls
I wanted a horse.
I played with model horses.
I pretended I was a horse.
You cantered and jumped?
Did you whinny & neigh?
I put a horse on the top of my
Christmas list every year.
And you day dreamed and 
doodled them, too?
Not once did I discover a pony tied to 
the car bumper in the driveway
on Christmas morning. 
But didn't you get a 
Thelwell book one year?
And a Breyer horse?
And a purse with a snaffle
bit on the front?

One summer I spent a few weeks
playing with my cousins on their
And you got to have a horse there?
They didn't have horses.
Although one time they had a 
wily pony named Rascal 
who could dump even the
'stickiest' rider in a heartbeat!
And you know this because....?
My uncle was a very handy guy.
He helped my wish come true.
He went out and bought
 a horse for you?
He went to his workshop.
He sawed and sanded.
He put in screws and bolts.
He fit on some casters..
He made a horse?
My uncle made 
a horse from a barrel.
My mother helped me
add details.
Meet "Chona Girl"
my very own 'first' horse!


  1. A perfect first horse- no feed bill, vet bill, farrier bill, and you could still have the pride of ownership! Bless your big hearted uncle and your mom for buying you horsey clothes.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is absolutely adorable! Love the picture. Love the riding pants. And so glad to see you were wearing a helmet because Chona Girl looks like she had some spunk.

  3. I might have actually been quite happy with a barrel pony like yours, which is quite ingenious. Kudos to your uncle. Sadly, my parents just didn't get it. If others can't or won't help you pursue your dreams, you just have to get yourself in a position to to it yourself.

    Cheers to you and me!

  4. What a super Uncle. Love the riding getup :)
    I recall finding two ponies in our backyard just before Christmas one year long ago. I was over the moon with glee. Till of course I found out they were escapee's and not for me SIGH

  5. Love your dreamy horse..what an Uncle! :)

  6. How sweet! Your Uncle is a peach. I split my forehead open by riding my bike with my eyes closed while pretending it was a horse. Well, it was an English racer!

  7. What an awesome gift from the heart. Guessing your Uncle wasn't allowed to give you the real deal, so he gave you the next best thing. Does it still exist? or did you wear it out with many rides?

  8. Well, what I want to know is why you are wearing English apparel? That is obviously a Barrel Horse, so Western wear would be much more appropriate! *wink*

    Loved this sweet story.



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