Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Haffies in the Snow

Our snow from Tuesday evening's storm is almost gone. All that remains are a few piles from plowing and some patches of snow that have escaped the sun. Oh... and some memories!
(Oh, yeah....and the mud!)

I think this could be a lovely Christmas card with a bit of photoshopping. I could superimpose a Christmas tree someplace, or at minimum, a red bow, and erase the small tree that interferes with the paddock view. Gosh darn it, why did we plant it there anyway?!

As you know, I like to put words in my horses' mouths. I've put one possible conversation below. Doc is on the left in all shots.

Doc: My, Gawd, Pippin. Your breath STINKS! What have you been eating?

 Pippin: It' my feet, Doc. See. Smell my feet.


Doc: Mine don't smell.
Pippin: Do to. Your feet smell like Limburger cheese. Hahahaha! You're the stinky cheese horse. Bwahaha!

Pippin: Ouch!
Doc: Don't you dare call me names. Stop it!


Doc: Say you're sorry... or I'll nip you again...
Pippin:  I'm sorry....(mumble) I didn't really (mumble) mean it....(mumble) much!

What do you think they were saying?


  1. Hahahaha!! I love it! Clearly that IS what they were saying!

  2. Camryn here:
    I think their arguing about who loves me bestest!!!

  3. I think that will be a beautiful Christmas card. They may be arguing about who gets the best pile of hay the next time that you feed.

  4. They've probably forgotten what started it, and now they are in the "you are", "no, you are" stage.
    Terry at Moondance

  5. That first picture is a Christmas card without and added bows or trees. I thought so before I even read what your thoughts were. I loved the bickering of your horses as I am only used to my dogs yapping back and forth.

  6. Makes horse sense to me! You can photoshop that tree out of the is a perfect Christmas Card:)

  7. Stunning photos...Your horses are so silly arguing about stinking feet when obviously they should just throw snow balls at each other hehe.

    Blessings Kelsie


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