Friday, November 4, 2011

Man Coyote Fox Tracker

Today was a beautiful day and I was carrying a heavy load of guilt on my shoulders for not having done anything with the horses in over a week. They look over the paddock fence at me, and another layer of guilt jumps on the pile. They appear to be saying, "Please come do something with us." In reality, they are probably trying to take control of my mind and they are saying, "Please come feed us something." I mean, they are haffies, after all, what should a person expect!

Pippin's stifles were a bit sore last week so I decided I wouldn't ride him. But, he didn't give me any of those ticked-off "don't touch that" looks during grooming when I rubbed them, so I decided that ponying him from Doc might be a great way to give them both some exercise... and maybe we could explore the trails across the road from our house.

I received an infusion of common sense (where did that come from?!!) that pointed out how idiotic it was to ride one horse, pony another, neither of which have had exercise in over a week, in heavy snow that is sometimes a foot deep, on a trail I've never been on, where we might run across horse-eating deer (hubby pointed that one out), so common sense prevailed and we set forth in the pasture.

We had a great ride!

I spied canine tracks over Pippins ears.
 Dog? Coyote? 
Probably fox, as we saw some kits in this pasture in the spring.

It's a bit diffiult to see the prints in the picture below.
The trail leads between Doc's ears.
Off we went to track the varmint.

I don't think the horses found our 'fox tracking' session to be terribly exciting. And frankly, it was a bit of a letdown when the trail didn't 'go to ground' but merely passed on into the next pasture. Despite this I think we all had a nice outing that reminded the horses of their job and reminded me how much I love my guys!

Oh, and for my southern friends who think I must be insane to ride in the 'cold' - it was probably around 50, maybe higher. I had a jacket on (unzipped), but only because I needed the pocket for my camera.  I wasn't even wearing gloves! The weather in Colorado truly amazes me. With the dry climate and the intense sun, winter* snowy days can be very comfortable.

* I am reminded that we are technically still enjoying 'fall'. Winter doesn't begin until the Winter Solstice, December 22.


  1. Looks like a nice ride with the boys!

  2. Like the ear cam photos, and tracking the fox gave the ride a purpose and focus.

  3. looks like so much fun! I've always said that if I ever had to leave California for another state, I would go to Colorado!

  4. Snow looks so much better from the back of a horse doesn't it? :)

  5. Glad you got out with the boys. Looks like a fun ride through the snow.

  6. I love those snowy photos! Snow came yesterday to 5,000 feet here. We're at 4,000, so it didn't quite reach us. Soon though, I hope. I read somewhere that coyote tracks go in a straight line as opposed to dogs who wander from side to side and all over the place. Don't know about foxes. Looks like you had a lovely day though.

  7. Looks like a great ride..and good to have company along too:)

  8. Yeah, me, too. It can be 30F out and I'll still ride if it's a sunny day, because the sun reflects off the snow and keeps me nice and toasty warm.
    Good for you still getting outside to ride, even if not on a trail. Sometimes a nice little hack in the pasture is just what everyone needs. I sometimes think my mare gets bored when I just bump around the pasture on her, but I think she still enjoys knowing she has a job to do and is very focused on what I'm asking her, and she takes good care of me.....probably because there's nothing new to look at. lol!



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