Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tucker Talks: Come Plaaayyyyy!

Look at my world.
Holy blowing snow - it's awesome!

Mom, come out and play.
It's so much fun!
Honest... it is!

C'mon Mom.
Got my toy. I found it under the snow.
Betcha can't catch me!

 Whee! The drifts are fun to jump over!
C'mon Mom. Run, why don't cha?

I smell a bunny!
Is it here, under the porch?

Maybe it's here.
In the drain pipe.

Let's go see the horses.
I bet they'll play with me.

C'mon Doc and Pippin,
Let's run in the snow.
Hmmm.... they don't seem particularly interested in playing with me!

Maybe Mama Boots will play with me.
Mama Boots? Where are youuuuuu?
No one wants to play with me.

I'll race you to the house!
Betcha I win!

Yes, Tucker. You win.
I'm worn out just from watching you!


  1. Sheesh! I'm glad someone is enjoying that nasty snowstorm!

  2. He is having a blast! Good thing someone is enjoying it! :)

  3. He's in his element for sure. I should drop Bella off for a play date. She would love to run and play in the snow with Tucker.

  4. That's a lot of snow! Looks like someone is enjoying it.

  5. Happy, happy dog! We can all take a lesson in enjoying live from our animals. Of course, my cats would have a slightly different impression of the first snow, if they were to get out in in by mistake.

  6. wow! can I have whatever you are feeding him, I could use some of that energy! I just cannot believe the amount of snow you have....

    also, liked the idea on Wolfie's blog of adding ID information while out trail riding....

  7. Tucker, you are too cute!

  8. Tucker looks like he is having so much fun in the snow! What fun!

  9. I think someones been raiding the alfalfa pellets!!! He wore me out just looking at him in the pix :). Better you than me with all that white stuff. Not looking forward to it at all.


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