Saturday, November 19, 2011

Up the Wall

I wrnt clrt9ihg lrst ntgut. 

I hrd lpts uf fyn, bmt my hgmds are kylribg me twis murtbng!

This was my first, ever, climbing experience. Both of my sons enjoy climbing and talk about it frequently. My oldest son took us to his gym in San Francisco where he climbs at least once a week. This is his way to exercise and relieve the stress of work and life in general. Our local recreation center has a 25' climbing tower and offers classes. I signed up for the adult beginner's class... and loved it! I learned how to tie the knots and how to belay my partner. I climbed up the wall four times and each time the instructor pointed out one way to improve my skills. I also practiced traversing the wall and pivoting my hips. 
By the time I arrived home I could tell that I had a workout! I was tired! This morning I can tell that I did some work. I have a few muscle aches... but my hands haven't recovered. They are still red and sore. So I guess the fact that I try to wear gloves for most of my horse chores has paid off in soft, ladylike hands. But... maybe I need to change my way of thinking!


  1. Oh no, you didn't!!! Keep your gloves on as I am certain that you will spend more time displaying your "gentle" hands than handling climbing equipment.


  2. Sounds like fun! I love your drawings!

  3. Not my kind of fun -- I would get sooo dizzy!

  4. Well that may be your son's way to exercise and relieve the stress of work and life in general, but it will never be mine. gah!
    Considering my fear of heights and my pear shaped body weighting me down, and not wanting everyone to have a full on view of my large buttums as I spider crawl across a wall, I have never added climbing to my bucket list.

    But...yay you!. Yep, you go girl.
    And as you rappel back down I'll just sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and call it good. :D



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